Alleged Note 7 vs S7 edge vs S7 pics compare screens, benchmarks


Gather around, people, here we have what may be the first pics of the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 in operational mode next to its smaller Galaxy S7 and S7 edge siblings in a few varying editions - Korea, Japan and Hong Kong. Not only that, but the two pics below compare benchmark results, as well as give us somewhat of a hint about the display merits of Samsung's next blockbuster phablet.

As you can see, the Note 7 (on the far right), scores commendably on AnTuTu and Geekbench, besting both the S7 sand S7 edge on the multi-core front, which leads us to the thought that there really might be an enhanced Exynos 8893 or Snapdragon 821 inside, with higher clock frequencies than the chippery in the S7. The AnTuTu score is roughly similar on all, but that benchmark measures a lot more things than mere processing speeds, like memory read/write speeds, which evens out the tally.

On the display front, the things are not as clear as with the cold hard benchmark numbers - on one of the pics the Note 7 screen looks much brighter than the others, while on the other the autodimming has apparently kicked in. The Note 7's screen is so glaring on the Geekbench results display, in fact, that it seems almost burned in terms of camera exposure, or maybe there is some tinkering involved. In any case, take these with a grain of salt for now, yet what we are looking at might be good approximations at how the 6th edition of Samsung's Note line will perform relative to the S7 and S7 edge.

source: Weibo via TheAndroidSoul
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