Alleged Nokia poster template reveals Windows Phone 8 branding

Alleged Nokia poster template reveals Windows Phone 8 branding
Make of that what you will, but a tipster just sent us a picture, which is claimed to be originating from the confines of Nokia, and allegedly is some sort of a non-final poster template.

Whether real or fake we'll let you decide, we don't know what the pro-printing jargon is for such a seemingly transparent plastic poster sheet, if that's it at all, but what we found most interesting in case this has some merits, is the Windows Phone 8 signage.

This would confirm that a/ Windows Phone 8 would indeed be the official name of the next Microsoft mobile OS edition, and b/ that Nokia will be outing new handsets with the latest and greatest from Redmond, which is not really a huge surprise.

What do you think of this, apart from the "Breaking the limits since 1865" slogan, which can be set aside as marketing pep talk?

Thanks for the tip!


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