Alleged Moto G4 photos leak out, fingerprint scanner apparently included

Alleged Moto G4 photos leak out, fingerprint scanner apparently included
Last week, we told you about an upcoming (and yet to be announced) Motorola/Lenovo smartphone that could be called Moto G4 Plus and may feature a fingerprint sensor on the front, just below the screen. Now, thanks to a leakster from China, we can take a look at two photos that reportedly show a Moto G4 (this time, the "Plus" part of the name is missing).

As expected, this alleged Moto G4 does indeed have a squircle-shaped button on the front (most likely including a fingerprint scanner). On the back, we can see the famous M (Moto) logo, plus a camera with LED flash and two other mysterious sensors. This device looks a lot like the one pictured earlier this month and presented as a possible next-gen Moto X flagship.

Motorola will probably release both a regular Moto G4, and a Moto G4 Plus, though for now we don't know what's going to differentiate the two handsets (we can, of course, assume that the Plus model will be larger).

The Moto G4 and Moto G4 Plus could be announced in the near future alongside new Moto X and Moto E phones. As you may know, Motorola didn't launch any handsets this year, so it's about time for the company to show us something new, isn't it?

source: Weibo (in Chinese) via HelloMotoHK, Nowhereelse


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