Aliens fight Predators in 'AVP: Evolution' for iOS and Android; read our review!


The ultimate clash between Aliens and Predators has finally come to mobile! AVP: Evolution gives you the opportunity to play as either an Alien and a Predator through a single-player campaign, but has the developer come up with an overall immersive and authentic experience? Read our review to find out!

Story and Gameplay

Somewhat unsurprisingly, AVP: Evolution is more focused on the action, rather than story-telling. The plot is mainly told by short paragraphs of text between missions, and thankfully, the story is simple enough so the few paragraphs of text are enough to keep you informed of what you're actually fighting for. In short, the main battle here is between two Predator clans: Jungle Hunter and Super Predators. However, in an attempt to destroy the Jungle Hunter Predators once and for all, the Super Predators enslave the Alien Queen and plan to use it as a weapon against the Jungle Hunters.

In AVP: Evolution, you play as both a Predator from the Jungle Hunter clan and as an Alien. The game actually makes you choose a race in the beginning, but no matter which one you choose, the campaign will make you play both Alien and Predator missions.

Controlling your character is OK for the most part, we didn't encounter any serious issues there. The actions you can execute are pretty simple - you can move around, rotate the camera, attack and block. In addition, you can also activate a number of special abilities which are unique to the race you're playing with. That's right, the basic part of the actions are pretty much the same for both the Predators and Aliens, which isn't really a problem, because that way you won't have to learn how to play the game twice.

Easily our biggest disappointment in AVP: Evolution is that you can't play as a marine (though, in some levels you will be fighting marines). As ordinary as it may be, we feel that the possibility of blasting your way through hordes of Aliens and Predators using an assault rifle would have elevated AVP: Evolution to a whole new level.

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Fighting itself is pretty basic, which may be a good and a bad thing. On one hand, if you aren't into memorizing long lists of combos, you'll probably enjoy AVP: Evolution's relatively modest list of moves. On the other, doing the same kind of attack again and again can quickly become a tedious affair.

Graphics and Sound

We were pleased to find that AVP: Evolution offers some really striking visuals. The developers have utilized some advanced lighting techniques to create an overall spectacular atmosphere that manages to draw you in, if only because you'll be amazed by the graphics your mobile device is capable of generating.

AVP: Evolution is indeed a looker and that's probably one of its biggest strengths. The sound is also very fitting. The score is in a typical Alien vs. Predator style, and the sounds made by both aliens and predators are equally dreadful. There's a lot to be desired, though, considering the fact that this is supposed to be a premium title (with a considerable upfront price). For example, you mainly hear the sounds made by "blading" and "clawing", but you don't really hear things like screams and shouts during most fights.


AVP: Evolution is a decent game for the fans of the franchise. We don't necessarily think that casual gamers will find it amazing, as it could certainly use some polish, plus the horror atmosphere isn't particularly mainstream. If you're into Alien vs. Predator, though, you'll surely enjoy AVP: Evolution. Sure, the marine has been left out of the equation, but playing as the Predator or the Alien is good enough to provide a few hours of fun - just enough to complete the campaign.

Although the storyline is almost nonexistent, and the character progression seems to be more of a checkbox feature, AVP: Evolution has its impressive graphics and decent arcade-style action to ascend above the cloud of mediocre iOS and Android titles.

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RATING: 6.5/10

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