Airsoft is no softie against the new iPad Air 2 in this torture test

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You might be surprised what an Airsoft rifle could do to modern day technology, and the new iPad Air 2 is no different. Of course, watching what it can do to modern day technology is far more entertaining.

That is where the guys at RatedRR come in. Last month, the team put on a six day extravaganza of tech extermination, the then-newly-released iPhone 6 Plus being the star of the show. From being dipped in liquid nitrogen, to being dropped from a plane, to enduring a dose of thermite, to meeting the end via the classic 50-caliber sniper shot, things look different in slow-motion.

Such as the case today where the new Apple iPad Air 2 endures a dunk test and passes, and also undergoes a bit of a flex test. Rick doesn’t put to an all-out bend-break test though, because otherwise it wouldn’t be worth shooting it.

Propping the iPad up down the range a bit, RatedRR goes to town with an Airsoft rifle of all things, and those high-speed pellets do a fine job of rendering the tablet useless. The slow-mo action is nice too. The new iPad’s thinness lends itself to suffer a bit more damage compared to other pellet targets.

Still, there was something lacking in the finality of it all, it still looks like an iPad. See the dilemma? No worries, as the team whips out the Barrett M82A1 50-caliber sniper rifle, and sends the iPad Air 2 a farewell in spectacular fashion.

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