After many months later, Palm's App Catalog gets its own web site

After many months later, Palm's App Catalog gets its own web site
You'd think that a company like Palm might have created a web site long ago to feature its App Catalog, but they're now doing just that. Long after the Pre built some buzz around its release and now well into the beginning of the busy holiday season, Palm has finally published a new web site that allows users to look up titles and WebOS application information. We'd gather that in the beginning all the apps were offered for free until recently when Palm opened it up for paid apps. Unlike accessing the actual App Catalog on the Pre, you won't be able to see user feedback ratings on the site. Sure its nice for those not sporting a Pre to check out what kind of apps are available to the platform. For the most part though, it's just a collective space for the latest available apps – nothing really neat that stands out. So now that it's up and running for all the world to see, hopefully it'll entice would be owners to make the plunge and experience the possibilities WebOS has to offer for the everyday individual.

source: Palm via Phonescoop


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