AT&T's version of the HTC Touch Pro2, the Tilt 2, gets photographed

AT&T's version of the HTC Touch Pro2, the Tilt 2, gets photographed
Yesterday we reported on a leaked list that showed a number of phones possibly heading to AT&T. One of the phones we focused on was the AT&T Tilt 2, which we wrote was the name that the carrier was calling its version of the HTC Touch Pro2. Now we have a photograph that seems to confirm that AT&T will be offering this sizzling hot device. In baseball, a player that hits a single, double, triple and homer in one game is said to have hit for the cycle. With handsets, being offered at all of the top four U.S. carriers (Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile) is hitting for the cycle, which the Touch Pro2 has accomplished.

The T-Mobile version is due out on Wednesday, with Sprint following on September 3rd. We have no possible launch dates for Big Red or AT&T, but we can't imagine those two would give the other carriers that much of a head start. By the way, note how AT&T's version of the Touch Pro2 eliminates the top row of numbers on the QWERTY keyboard and replaces them with a numbers pad and a dedicated row of function keys on the top row. Also, it does seem that the carrier has dropped the Fortress name in place of the Tilt 2.

HTC Touch Pro2 Preliminary Specifications(AT&T)

source: EngadgetMobile

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