AT&T working on a gaming platform for Android devices

AT&T working on a gaming platform for Android devices
Verizon is now in possession of the coveted iPhone platform, and that means AT&T will have to expand its offerings to stay competitive. One way of doing that is to invest more heavily in their Android devices. AT&T is partnering with the OpenFeint gaming network, which is a social gaming competitor to Apple's Game Center.

"The net-net here is that we want developers to build more connected games for our customers," said an AT&T spokesperson. OpenFeint enables users to post scores, enjoy multiplayer competition, and chat, much like networked consoles and desktops. With 65 million users and 4,500 games, AT&T is wise to establish a footing in OpenFeint's community.

OpenFeint's executive chairman, Peter Relan, said that AT&T's partnership is proof of the growing significance of mobile gaming. Before, smartphones were limited by both network speed and their own processing power. With more powerful devices, games, and network connectivity, mobile devices offer a more competitive alternative to traditional consoles.

But is this enough to bolster AT&T's position with Android fans? While Verizon has been the go-to name for Android in recent years, AT&T is planning on releasing far more Android devices in 2011. This convergence of devices between Verizon and AT&T will mean that customers can make their purchasing decisions based on networks, rather than hardware. And isn't that how it should be?

source: The Wall Street Journal
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