AT&T to bring LTE-based internet connectivity to planes in 2015

AT&T to bring LTE-based internet connectivity to planes in 2015
Today, AT&T announced that it wants to “mobilize the sky” and bring 4G/LTE connectivity in-flight for passengers, airlines, and general aviators.

The service will be available in late 2015 according to the carrier, and will be delivered via a newly built air-to-ground network across the continental United States. AT&T will use spectrum it already holds under license.

The goal is to “transform airborne connectivity” through connected a high-speed LTE network through a reliable on-board Wi-Fi connection. The connectivity is more than just for entertainment of passengers though. AT&T plans to ensure that aviation customers, from pilots and crew, to maintenance teams (real-time aircraft telemetry) and crew services, are able to utilize the service.

AT&T has partnered with Honeywell to deliver the hardware and service components for the in-flight connections. The idea is to build better capabilities in-flight. If anyone has tried in-flight internet services before, one word that might come to mind is “slow,” or perhaps, “frustrating,” since connection quality is not always ideal.

No aviation partners have been named yet, but AT&T is bringing its game to compete with the likes of Gogo and enhancing the service offering beyond a mere consumer product. Pricing and availability will be announced prior to the service being launched, though the carrier does plan to make available both commercial and industrial applications available at launch.

source: AT&T


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