AT&T rumored to carry first the dual-core Motorola phone with Gingerbread

AT&T rumored to be the first carrier for the dual-core Motorola phone with Gingerbread
Nvidia and Motorola fellowship rumors date back to the "2GHz phone" lapsus of Motorola's Sanjay Jha. Afterwards the rumor mill kept beeing fed with the reported Stingray tablet with Gingerbread, that is supposed to appear early next year. It would be unwise from Motorola not to take the partnership to the next level, and engineer the first dual-core smartphone, with Tegra 2 chipset inside.

We reported about the rumored device under the name Motorola DROID T2, or the Terminator, but it was also mentioned that the monster is slated to appear on other carriers except Verizon, where it will lose the DROID branding.

Now the latest iteration of the rumor brings some clarity into the naming schemes - the device's internal name seems to be the Motorola Olympus MB860, and the "trusted source" has confirmed that the winner of the contract for this phone is actually AT&T. The carrier has supposedly sealed the deal to be the first to carry the device, which is expected to be the first smartphone with Google's new version of Android - Gingerbread.

Rumors, rumors, but if (and that's a big IF) AT&T is losing its grip on the iPhone next year, a dual-core Gingerbread juggernaut will certainly help alleviate the pain, and take the spotlight off from Verizon. The source is hoping to have some blurry shots appear in the wild in November, when the Motorola Olympus MB860, aka the DROID Terminator, reaches its testers.

Motorola DROID T2 Preliminary Specifications

source: AndroidAndMe & DroidLife

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