Verizon adding network capacity to meet the spike in data usage from the iPhone

Verizon adding network capacity to meet the expected spike in data usage from the iPhone
As far as conspiracy theories go, a Verizon-branded iPhone dates back to the Cupertino gadget inception, and recently every few days someone cries about it, as if it's the second coming. Wall Street Journal has been pretty active piling up on these rumors lately, and the latest update from "people familiar with the matter", is that Verizon is talking to Apple, and adding capacity to its network, in order to handle the onslaught of iPhone users early next year.

While we can talk about AT&T's exclusivity 2007-2012 until we are blue in the face, or the fact that those CDMA iPhones in production might be for a Chinese carrier, there is still some sweet smell in those rumors.

Furthermore, the report gives us interesting statistics about the average data usage of customers with an Android smartphone on Verizon's network. It turns out that they utilize 485MB of data per month, while iPhone users on the AT&T's network are using a good amount less at 344MB on average.

Thus, analysts are positive that Verizon's network can handle the sudden spike in data usage from the eventual Verizon iPhone subscribers, who are projected to be 13 million, once the coveted smartphone reaches Big Red's shelves.

source: WSJ

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