AT&T introduces prepaid GoPhone service for tablets

AT&T has added tablet plans to its GoPhone prepaid service and unlike some other prepaid plans, they provide access to high-speed LTE data.

The service is aimed at those that already have a tablet and want add service to it without complicating existing post-paid plans or have to pay a $35 activation fee. Just buy the SIM card for $10 and data plans start as low as $15 per month.

For that tier, $15 buys 250MB of data for the month. You can add 100MB for $10 more during the cycle if you need it. The better value lies in the 3GB and 5GB plans, which are available for $30 and $50 respectively. Buying extra data is still in $10 increments, but if you are on the 3GB plan, an additional $10 buys 500MB and if you are on the 5GB plan, you get an extra 1GB for the same $10.

In terms of pricing, it would appear to not be much of a breakthrough, but the rates are a bit more aggressive than Verizon Wireless on the low end, where $30 buys you 2GB, but $50 buys you 6GB. The caveat there, however, is that Verizon’s prepaid service is 3G/EV-DO only.

T-Mobile has free 200MB plans for tablets, but the prepaid plans are also competitive and are on sale for a limited time. $10 (normally $20) gets you 1GB, $20 (normally $30) buys 3GB, and $30 (normally $40), provides 5GB of data. Sprint does not offer tablet plans for its prepaid service.

There are more options across the board, but the determining factor for most people should be coverage, no point in paying for something you cannot use.

sources: AT&T via SlashGear


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