AT&T executive discusses the Apple iPhone and dropped calls

AT&T executive discusses the Apple iPhone and dropped calls
Just like famous trios like a BLT, Harry, Ronnie and Hermione, Moe, Larry and Curly, the trio of the Apple iPhone, AT&T and dropped calls seems to go together naturally. Unfortunately for the executives who work for AT&T and Apple, part of their job entails being put on the spot and answering questions about why the Apple iPhone continues to drop calls on AT&T's pipelines.

The man being put on the spot is an executive of the carrier, Glenn Lurie, now President of emerging devices. Lurie is well prepared to handle the pressure as he was one of the original liaisons going back and forth between Apple and AT&T prior to the launch of the original version of the Apple iPhone. Now on the hot seat, Lurie answers tough questions such as, "What is AT&T doing about dropped calls?" and "How will the carrier cope when the iPhone loses its exclusivity period?" The answers from a long time AT&T employee who has been involved with the Apple iPhone since the original launch, are just a click away. Watch as Walt Mossberg "ambushes" Lurie right off the bat with a question about the recent Consumer Reports survey that listed AT&T as the lowest ranked carrier, as we reported.

source: AllThingsDigital

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  • Storage 32GB,
  • Battery 1420 mAh
  • OS iOS 7.x



13. InspectorGadget80 unregistered

I have no problem with my AT&T phone. NOT IPHONE EXCLUDED. I can get signals everywhere i Go. YOU HAVE TO BLAME APPLE for their design with their antenna. just glad I never bought the Iphone

11. codymws

Posts: 237; Member since: Jun 17, 2010

Ya, I agree with whoever says they're the worse. I've had them. They're pretty bad... no 3G where I live. SO many dropped calls. Now I have Verizon, and have absolutely no complaints. They are perfect. Perfect signal, full 3G, 3 Mbps on 3G (which is pretty fast, for those who don't know). I will never switch back.

10. jd829

Posts: 155; Member since: Feb 24, 2010

The only phone on at&t I have had any dropped calls or reception issues with was the iphone. I sold it and went back to blackberry after 2 months. Where the 'berry had solid connection the iphone would be "searching" I've used the bold 9700, LG expo, iphone 3gs, motorola backflip, samsung captivate, and HTC surround. Is it a problem with the network when one out of 6 phones drops calls?

8. Ashnnat

Posts: 15; Member since: Oct 18, 2010

The issue with dropped calls has a first and last name: Apple iPhone. They designed a mobile capable of using and processing data like no other. You can discuss that all you want, but the real fact is that you can measure wireless mobile landscape "after" & "before" iPhone. My point is that no network was ready for apple's mobile, and it would've happened with VZW if they had said yes when apple first came to them. I've been looking or some kind of report about at&t trying to keep the exclusivity and can't find any, so either they're keeping it really really secret or they can't wait for someone else to star sharing the load.

12. Droid X Doug unregistered

I think AT&T would like for Verizon to share the burden of the voracious data consumption that the iPhone triggered. Nothing like msery loving company. Of course, if Verizon has got their network capacity sorted out for the iPhone and the dropped call experience stays with AT&T, then AT&T continue to look like a bunch of chumps.

7. dsayegh unregistered

I hated the "More Bars in More Places Campaign" Just flat out not true!

5. JBouge unregistered

He followed his AT&T-provided script perfectly and didn't answer the questions focusing on dropped calls. We know it's a capacity issue that the firm was not ready for and has failed to satisfy capacity requirements. This industry is very time sensitive, and time is money, in this case money lost. I believe that Verizon has positioned itself and its resources correctly and at the right time to pull away for the next 3-5 years at least.

6. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

Verizon is going to be number one for a little while longer at least. I believe Sprint will eventually jump in front of ATT. And then it will be ATT vs. T-mob. And Sprint Vs, VZW.

4. mo money unregistered

the only reason att still in business cuz the i phone

3. 20X0X0B545AHT

Posts: 20; Member since: Oct 30, 2009

Looks like your pissin in the wind on this one emcel490?? You said it yourself. You live in WV. What more should be said?

2. rayray1234

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 08, 2010

Just an FYI no company has spent more on there network since 2000 then Verizon. ATT only started dumping money into there network when Verizon called them out with "theres a map for that" campaign

1. ecml490 unregistered

I do not understand why AT&T is getting so many hates. Reports are not as accurate as they seem. I use to have AT&T and never had a problem with them. When I had Sprint, I dropped calls like crazy, but my 3G coverage was good and had descent speeds, but they had no good phones so I went to Verizon. I am now leaving Verizon to go back to AT&T because I have so many problems with Verizon. I get full bars but my internet is so whack and sometimes I even lose connection and the voice quality is not even that great. When I had AT&T I had great data speed and great voice quality and I do not know why I left them in the first place. I mean, we all are in different areas so we are going to have different experiences. I live in the state of not so great West Virginia. So coverage here is not always good but we get coverage from all the top carriers except for T-Mobile. I give AT&T credit because they are spending tons of money to try whatever they can to improve their network, something the other carriers are not doing which some needs to. Give me negative feedback if you want, but I am sticking with my opinions.

9. Ari unregistered

Your right and wrong...personally and i have been to west virginia and had att and verizon...personally verizon was better, especially with android and soon to be iphone now...yes they are expensive...actually same priced as att but they had better service and will be launching 4g in your area soon as well....i was with att switched but i can tell you verizon spends as much money as att if not more and thats been proven even in the statistics which have been spotted on webistes. you can check this by looking up verizon spends money on network or something like that...anyways...thats again my opinion also. But i have friends in puerto rico that if they could they would leave att, because to them, thats the only place where they are good...sprint not bad because it roams off verizon but still....anyways....tmo...i just dont like them or their customer service.

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