AT&T rated the worst mobile carrier in the U.S.

AT&T rated the worst mobile carrier in the U.S.
Disgruntled AT&T customers have spoken. A survey from Consumer Reports shows that AT&T subscribers are the least satisfied wireless customers in the U.S. The survey included 58,000 reports from customers with AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and U.S. Cellular.

Consumer Reports based their scores on nine categories: overall value, voice service, data service, customer support via phone, customer support via the website, customer support via email, staff knowledge, issues resolved, and texting. AT&T received the lowest possible rating in all categories except texting.

The most dissatisfied AT&T customers were iPhone users. Those users rated the Internet and email services even lower than other AT&T customers. An AT&T spokesperson responded by blaming the iPhone users for choking AT&T's network.

The top-rated carrier was U.S. Cellular, with an overall score of 82. Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile followed with scores of 74, 73, and 69, respectively. AT&T's dismal reviews earned them a score of 60.

The AT&T spokesperson reiterated that AT&T has been rated as the fastest mobile broadband network, and that their dropped call rates are within one-tenth of a percent from the industry leader. We don't mean to question their research, but customers are obviously getting a different impression.

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17. rhinst24 unregistered

Lets start with wimax.. So what is wimax.. don't worry about what it means but what it does.. The reality its that wimax download speed are pretty good. They do about 5 mbps.. I am going to be super conservative with speeds here because there are too many factors that play into it.. Simply put, that is about the same speed u get with basic high speed cable internet.. Not the turbo.. turbo gives u a 8 mbps, then they slow u down to 5 mbps.. Unless us go with one of the business plans.. Cell phone companies use to do the whole bandwidth reduction once a certain amount of data in gb is reached, but the FCC say they had to stop.. But ur local cable company still does.. Don't believe me just ask them.. Where wimax struggles is at the upload speeds it is about 800 kbps.. that is about 3/4 a mbps.. Even Hspa+ upload speeds are faster.. granted still faster uploading then ur current 3g.. The other type is LTE.. first off this is becoming the standard for most of the worlds cell phone carriers i must add in the beginning.. Reason is, it speeds and the many more possibilities that it can do.. The speeds of current LTE is about 10 mbps on download.. and upload is about 4 mbps. Verizon is the first to launch this technology and ATT has said they are going to do that later on in 2011.. but not till 2012 for the most part.. Even sprint has said it is going to lte later on.. Again, Verizon understand that it is the network, that is the back bone of devices and future devices to be.. So they and a couple other international cell phone companies have a LTE development complex where different companies come and try out new technology using LTE. What is ahead in the future which was actual true 4g by the international org that sets the standards is basicaly called LTE Advance. supposable it can do speeds near 1gigabit per second.. but this won't start being rolled out until 2015 or later.. So to those who have sprint congrats.. the were the first out of the gate to have "4g" service.. but it is not by no means compared to what lte brings to the table.. And when it comes to bills,, cell phone bills are not the easiest to read.. I can look at a bill pretty well and break it down. Alot of my freinds come to me and have me take a look and i can pretty much explain what is going on.. Those extra fees most of the time they get are not normal, but come in the form of premium txt messages. or 411 or some other thing they didn't and didn;t realize it is going to cost more... Every, and i mean every cell phone company out there has these.. LIke my friend said, a cell phone company isn't a non profit company.. it is a profit company.. Like if u owned ur own business u want to make profit.. Alot of times if u call ur cell phone company and ask , not yell to explain things.. it can get broken down and reviewed to see if there is a cheaper way or if there is any other charges that may have gotten add and aren't needed.

16. rhinst24 unregistered

Where to start.. Wow.. Ok so basically what I am hearing att saying is consumer is wrong.. Seriously. ATT come on.. the Consumer is what keeps u in business.. Despite what the average consumer knowledge is on cell phones and the technology around it.. Dont go blaming them for not knowing.. It isn't there job to know, but it is the cell phone companies job to make the consumer not to have think about it.. And to say that the i phone user is to blame.. When the pay more then more then ur average user is horrible.. The reality is, yes smart phone user are going to put more of a ussage on your network.. Don't try to blame the user for using a device they are paying for.. So explain to me this.. If a android user has been know to use more data then an I phone user, why aren't verizon having the same issues.. Granted there is alot of Iphones out there but lets look at the growth of android over the past summer.. We still don't hear about this being a major problem for other carries.. Reality has hit ATT in the face, for years ATT put more money into the phone selection then they did their network and now they are sinking money into their network. They are still rolling out 3g and i dont mean hspa+ across the country.. Were i leave they just started 3G and this use to be a old Bell land, which turned into Cingular then att. This area was known for using gsm technology, which att uses for those who don't know.. But they just now got 3g here.. And don't dare travel outside of the city because u will lose that.. Verizon, i am not a fan boy, trust me, u have no idea how much i am not. Just got to give credit where credit is due.. But the reality is they have for years, and i mean since 2004 sunk more money into the network and still do to this day.. Hence the reason they won the 700 mhz bid back a few years ago.. Again for consumer, basically what that means is they are going to have a more extensive nationwide coverage for high speed. (ill explain a little bit more later), better building penetration and a bigger pip line to push more services through to handle alot of consumers.. Verizon understands that there product isn't the devices as much but what the devices are connecting to.. Again this is evident in the 4g technology they are pushed out here recently.. LTE (long term evolution) A little back ground is need here, there is a couple different types of 4g out there.. Well actually according to the international org that sets standards for different cell phone technology, there is really only two, and they don't even consider them to be true 4g.. The two that is closest to what they consider is wimax and lte.. But companies in the usa have these two, plus hspa+.. After what that international org set as the standard for true 4g it completely left any hope for hspa+ to be consider 4g.. So we are left with the two. So what is the difference between the two closest.. To be continuted, below..

14. Greggpvc unregistered

Consumer Reports? Wouldn't trust that bunch for anything. Don't know a lot about cell phones and providers but on autos they are a laughing stock. iphone users influenced the reporting? Those folks complain about everything. They have the greatest and best and when it doesn't work right it can't be Apple that is at fault. Part of joining the cult.

11. Sniggly

Posts: 7305; Member since: Dec 05, 2009

You haven't counted tax, dude.

12. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

I excluded taxes on both carriers... Taxes are charged by the gov... not VZW or Sprint.

10. Kenshin

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

As someone who has been in Wireless sales and repair service for the past 12 years with practically every carrier out there, I find it laughable that this survey is being taken so seriously. 58,000 subscribers divided among 5 carriers? You've got to be kidding me, with the millions of subscribers AT&T has, a 10k or so sampling is not going to be a proper representation of the majority's feelings. Many people are also missing a key element of this report which is that iPhone users heavily influenced the results of the customer service surveys. ALL handset, internet and email support issues on an Apple device goes through Apple, NOT AT&T. iPhone users saying they are unhappy with the level of customer support over the internet and via email is not a poor reflection of AT&T's support practices, but Apple's. I also agree with one of the other comments regarding consumer reports' recommendation of the LG Xenon. Anyone who has sold or supported that phone knows that it was a peice of garbage from day one. The bottom line is, if you want honest and informed advice about which wireless carrier (or handset, for that matter...) is best, don't look to consumer reports, look to an experienced commission sales rep at an established independent dealer who sells and supports multiple carriers.

13. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

I find you laughable... Customers are what matter, not reps. If you were an intelligent sales rep, you would understand this. Also, if a customer is having a bad experience and it is NOT the carriers fault (ie. a problem with their Apple product), then the rep did a poor job of setting the customers expectations. In the end, it all comes down to customer service. If you sell multiple carriers in a single location, I assume you work at a Radio Shack or Best Buy location (or something similar) In that case, I wouldnt trust you at all. A huge portion of my day is filled with people having problems with their phones that they bought at "independent dealer(s) who sell(s) and support(s) multiple carriers". I find more people are lied to at these locations about the secondary agreement you make them sign, along with how insurance works, and what they should expect to pay on their bill. 10k people is plenty to get an accurate idea of consumer opinions. Just stop complaining because the survey wasn't agreeable.

8. obamabinladin

Posts: 13; Member since: Nov 23, 2010

i have had AT&T since the 1980's personally i don't think there is a problem yeah here and there but everyone get's that. personally i think all networks are the same shit just a matter of what you like really.

9. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

Most people just don't use and abuse their network to its fullest capacity. For those people, ATT works just fine. But for people like me, I need the best. I require it! If my carrier starts to lag behind, I switch. I have no loyalty to them because they have no loyalty to me. I am just a number. This is why I am switching away from Verizon. Its waaaay overpriced, my bill seems to ALWAYS have extra charges, their 3G is slow, I have been having more and more coverage issues, and they still don't have 4G phones. Sprint on the other hand has 4G (Portland), low prices and great coverage. They also have the two top ranked phones. On top of that htye let me upgrade my phone once a year, instead of every 2 years. To be honest, the price I pay at Sprint is the most enticing part. $72.99 a month with my credit union discount (reg. 79.99). And I get unlimited data, unlimited text, unlimited calls to ANY mobile number, 450 mins for home phone calls, unlimited turn by turn nav, unlimited access to tv and radio, unlimited, and dont forget unlimited use of 4G. And guess what, for 30 bucks extra I can make my phone a mobile hot spot. Which would bring my monthyl to 102.99 a month! Which is STILL cheaper than a single unlimited smartphone plan on Verizon!

15. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

Agreed with everything there, when a company lacks what you whant moving its way better that thinking it will get better with time and falling behind, aslo agree with the customers support, not saying that is the truth, but it's an idea of how are things running. About blaming apple, in the end its AT&T problem if the iphone has issues or even if its crap(this is an example guys ok?) In the end they are the ones that sold it to the customers and should take some responsibility, (people don't go to the company when they have problems on something that they could get help from the place they bougt it. We may call some consumers idiots, or retadedr, it even fanboish but we can't take away the fact that those are the ones that keep the business on, if you don't try an pull your hardest you will be considered bad, people that have worked at customer support know that, they have some of the hardest jobs eva

7. protozeloz

Posts: 5396; Member since: Sep 16, 2010

I've been in 3 of the most important companies and had a couple of friends with verizon witch was the one I've never been on At&T was my fist company and i don't know how much have they changed with the time but in the past this where the issues I've found that i think will deal with customer satisfaction -customer support had a more inflexible time, compared with customer support with T-mobile and sprint that have/had more convenient hours(for me), found this troublesome. -if you don't buy your phone there they simply just don't care, sprint will have phones from Verizon and will try really hard to get all your services set up, same with T-mobile. now i believe customers are the best way to see how a company is doing, and AT&T should try and see where is the fault from them. but no matter how dumb a customer is, the network should work the hardest they can to help them, and I think is one of AT&T biggest problems or was, customer support does not try had enough some times

4. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

ATTs networks sucks and everyone knows it. They signed a deal with devil and got burned. Apple was taking in too much of the profit from each iphone sale. But that was the only way ATT could keep users on their network. Now that Android has emerged, ATT isnt the only one with a "hot" phone. ATT no longer has the best of anything. Sure their 3G might be a little faster, but they did a horrid job marketing it and now they are so far behind in the 4G race that it will take some serious time to catch up. I guess they at least get to see all the mistakes Sprint and Verizon make. My prediction for 2011 is Verizon and Sprint battling it out! I kid you not, 50% the customers that walk into my store are from ATT. Even iphone users are fed up with it. Even if people do come from Verizon, their only complaint is that its an arm and a leg to keep their service and they just cant afford it anymore. Att customers complain about spotty data services, dropped calls, bad customer service, and high prices.

3. hawk62

Posts: 320; Member since: Nov 21, 2009

As someone that has both VZ and ATT, i call tell you that vz will be join ATT at the bottom. I have had Vz for years and they are going down hill fast! Att is doing a better job. It is also not ATT's fault the iphone drops calls, it will happen on vz too.

5. smpdx

Posts: 127; Member since: Nov 02, 2010

If ATT and VZW are going down, in your opinion Hawk, then who will take the #1 spot? In your opinion...

6. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

I'm sure VZW would never hit the bottom, but I think you are right about VZW going downhill. Upper management knows only one thing... NUMBERS! NUMBERS! NUMBERS! They keep pressuring reps to talk to more people per day and to shorten your calls anyway possible, and now the personal touch is missing. No one has time to go the extra mile anymore. Not because they don't want to, there just isn't time anymore. And I really hope customers start complaining about it since they won't listen to the reps.

1. spoonb1

Posts: 77; Member since: Jan 02, 2010

I know I don't speak for anyone but myself, but consumer reports reports info gathered from ignorant consumers not experts nor qualified testers. These same folks said the LG xenon was an excellent phone and will not endorse the iphone4? Get someone who actually knows what the hell is going on and then report their findings... The iphone is not a great "phone" but even I'll admit that it is a more than sufficient device as its the highest selling to date and I'm not an Apple person at all, and not a fanboy, either, just a phone guy. I switch depending on mood/daily want/need between an unlocked htc desire, an n8, an x10 or most recently a samsung focus all on att and all work flawlessly wherever I happen to be around the country, my wife uses a samsung fascinate on Verizon and gets equal service in same areas,the only difference is att is typically faster and I can talk while on internet/email... That's pretty much it other than laughing at each others' stupid TV commercials about who is better

2. Whateverman

Posts: 3295; Member since: May 17, 2009

Wouldn't consumers be a little more reliable than journalists or testers, given that consumers actually use these products and services on a daily basis? Think about it, when there is a software issue or hardware defect, you never hear about it from the people who test or review the products. You hear about it on blogs and chat rooms. That buzz is usually picked up and confirmed by PA or Engadget after we (The Consumers) have voiced our opinions. And they have every right not to endorse the iPhone, regardless of how many have been sold. They fact is, they have a design flaw that causes dropped calls. Not saying that its makes it a bad phone, but I agree it should not be recommended for that reason alone. Everything else about it is great. Well, there is still that exclusivity thing with the worst carrier in the US but no phone is perfect right? Let's face it, ATT is horrible! Maybe not for you, but obviously for many of their customers who don't live where you live. They have been riding Apple's coat tails for way to long without making any advancements to their network. Blaming iPhone users is a really cowardly move and honestly, it's getting old. They have been saying that iPhone users are the blame for the last two years, but what investments have they made to prevent their network from being "choked". Whatever they are doing is clearly not enough. That's a copout anyway because its been reported that Droid users consume even more data than iPhone users, so why hasn't the Droid lineup choked VZW's network? Because VZW invested in their network. Good job US Cellular and Sprint for coming up in the rankings! VZW, we did it to ourselves. Let us help our customers they way we use to and quit rushing us through our calls and sales!

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