AT&T: Nokia Lumia 900 soon to get Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh

AT&T: Nokia Lumia 900 soon to get Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh
AT&T on Monday said that Nokia Lumia 900 users will soon be receiving the Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh. The update, also known as Tango, will add some new features to the phone including flip-to-silence. With the latter, the Nokia Lumia 900 user can put his device down on a table screen side first to silence it. The feature will be joined by some others, including DLNA streaming and some new camera features, that have already been listed on the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Also making its way to the Nokia Lumia 900 is a usage tracking counter and a contact sharing feature, both of which wil be coming soon. And for game players jealous with iOS and Android users who get to play Words with Friends and Draw Something, AT&T says both Zynga games will be coming to Windows Phone this fall as an exclusive for Nokia Lumia models for the first 60 days.

After the refresh, the last update for the Nokia Lumia 900 will probably be the Windows Phone 7.8 update as existing models will not be updated to Windows Phone 8.

source: AT&T

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