ABBYY launches BookScanner iOS app, scan documents with OCR quickly and easily

Scanning books and documents with your smartphone's camera should became even better as ABBYY announced the release of BookScanner, a smart iOS scanner designed specifically for scanning books with a high degree of accuracy. The app lets users capture book pages, create electronic copies, and apply optical character recognition to recognize text for further editing and sharing.

The application is based on two proprietary technologies: BookScan and ABBYY Mobile OCR Engine. Taking two years of research and development, BookScan is now able to recognize book pages, split a shot of facing pages into separate pages, and correct imperfections such as curved lines, optical distortions, and lighting defects. Likewise, the optical character recognition engine digitizes printed text in 193 languages (including Latin, Cyrillic and CJK alphabets) while preserving the original formatting. The scanned document can be saved as a multipage document in 12 of the most popular formats. This way, BookScanner users can easily create their own ebooks with editable and searchable capabilities.

To make the scanning process fast and intuitive, BookScanner automatically discovers the edges of pages and takes photos. The captured pages are saved in JPEG, multipage PDFs, or recognized. The scans can be saved in the built-in storage with tags and search capabilities, or cloud storage of choice (iCloud Drive, Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote, and more). They can also be transferred to a MAC or PC with iTunes sharing, and sent via email or iMessage.

ABBYY BookScanner is available to download on the App Store for a pricey $19.99:



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