A survey says that when it comes to tablets, T-Mobile is the best

A survey says that when it comes to tablets, T-Mobile is the best
Apple made a revolution when it introduced the iPad to the mass public. The tablet business is now turning into a gold mine for manufacturers due to the small number of companies creating tablets and the fact that they are the latest high-tech craze among the public. A survey conducted by Current Analysis' Deepa Karthikeyan made an overview of the available data plans and other goodies offered for the Samsung Galaxy Tab by the five largest US carriers and proclaimed T-Mobile the winner.

The categories were concerned with the payment structure of the different data plans, their variety and also "additional perks". T-Mobile came on top because it has plenty of data plans, doesn't overcharge when you have consumed more than you have paid for, has attractive offers for users already subscribed to T-Mobile and offers unlimited Wi-Fi.

In this Current Analysis survey, the table of the tablet-friendly carriers shaped like that:
1) T-Mobile
2) Verizon and AT&T
3) Sprint
4) U.S. Cellular

These days it's fascinating to own a tablet and if T-Mobile does take a hold of that niche, that's boding well for its future. Your thoughts?

source: Forbes



8. GALAXY S BETRAYED unregistered

Sprint has better prices and better 4G coverage. Trailer Mobile's network is a loose, hairy, smelly, sweaty, std laden 4gina.

7. TmobileG2user unregistered

HAHA thank you guys im glad to see people out there that know what there talking about unlike Trailer idiot.

5. RandomB unregistered

2. Trailer Mobile (unregistered) posted on 2 hours ago T-Mobile doesnt even have a tablet. They have the worst coverage of the top 4 nationwide carriers. They also have the fakest of the fake 4G. Complete 4G fallacy. Trailer mobile, Are you serious?? I have had Tmobile, Sprint, AT&T, And verizon, iv had allll they all have to offer and tmobile now launching there 4G HSPA+ Sweet Sweet speedy network def puts them at an extremely favorable position amongst competition. They offer unlimited, Not 5gigs.., Unlimited 4G and whats more is they cut the price 20$ cheaper than anyone else!! youd have to be stupid to support any other company offering these services, O and they do have the largest 4G network, Comparisons of coverage maps have proven this to be true. Also Your statement about tmobile not having a tablet, let me ask you something, do you do any research at all before posting ingnorant statements or is it just a natural talet for you. Samsung Galaxy tab friend, and its a hole let better than a minimaly performint, boring ipad. O sorry i shouldnt have said friend, I dont befriend Stupid people just try to shut em up! so just shut it man...save yourself the embarassment!

4. prelude unregistered

trailer mobile you are a sack of sh#t. you dont know nothing about the tab. so how about you get off your fat a#$ and go to the store and do some research on the tab. before you say something like that.

2. Trailer Mobile unregistered

T-Mobile doesnt even have a tablet. They have the worst coverage of the top 4 nationwide carriers. They also have the fakest of the fake 4G. Complete 4G fallacy.

3. Areyoukiddin unregistered

Your an Idiot. They do have the tab, and close minded idiots like you that fall behind on technology, why don't you do me a favor and sit in mommy's basement with your crappy opinions, They have the largest 4G network, and will continue to do so

6. T-mobileHaterEater unregistered

Dear Trailer Mobile, It brings me utter concern that you have access to a computer as well as having access to internet and still be stuck under the rock ignorence. But Ill tell you what. You can redeem yourself by walking into a T-Mobile store and purchasing a tablet yourself and try it out for 14 days. Im pretty sure that you can also get the new mytouch 4g for free. This should give you a good idea of how much and idiot you are. p.s. you suck fakes.

1. FerneyZan

Posts: 114; Member since: Jul 21, 2010

are you kidding me? T-Mobile?? thw worst of them all suddenly the best at something wooow?

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