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A closer look at the LG G5's always on display feature


With the hot, new G5, LG introduced a pretty interesting feature for its IPS LCD displays – the always on screen. Much like we've seen on the LG V10's secondary screen, the G5's display can keep a backlight on for about 30% of its normal brightness and have a small area of the screen display a few items, such as time, a personal message, and pending chat notifications.

The always on feature consumes up to 0.8% of battery per hour, according to LG. It is smart enough to adjust its brightness depending on environment luminance, so the number could be lower than that in specific scenarios. Still, this sounds bad to some in theory, as simple maths translate it as an 8% drain just from the display in 10 hour of standby. But the idea is that since users don't need to fully light up their screen to check for the time or notifications, the feature would actually save up on battery in the grand scheme of things. Of course, it remains to be seen how the G5 performs in the battery life department when we get a unit of our own.

Check out the video below to see a close look at the always on screen's options and functionality. Will you be leaving this on, or will you just turn it off and forget about it?
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