A Huawei Mate X screen repair will cost an iPhone 11 Pro worth of cash

A Huawei Mate X screen repair will cost an iPhone 11 Pro worth of cash
2019 is the year when we got the first high-profile forldable smartphones. Three of them, to be exact — the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the Motorola Razr 2019, and the Huawei Mate X. Well, we didn't exactly "get" the latter. Due to a bit of a carfuffle caused by the US - China trade war, Huawei lost its right to use Android with the Google framework. So, it launched the Mate X in its homeland only. Though, in all fairness, it's very possible that Huawei was only planning a China launch since the Mate X does not look like it's easy to build.

Still, the phone (or an iteration of it) may or may not reach the Western world at some point. Then, you have another hurdle to jump over if you want to get one — the Mate X is the most expensive foldable phone available right now, hitting that mind-boggling $2,400 mark. And it's a fragile little thing, too — since these foldable screens still can't have proper hard glass to protect them, its outwards-facing display is pretty prone to scratching simply because it's plastic.

"No trouble, I'll just replace the screen when it gets scratched up!"

Yeah... you can do that. It'll cost you around $1,000 as per recently-released Huawei repair prices. Ouch, indeed. Any other repair over the phone sounds reasonable — $40 for a battery replacement, $50 for a battery cover replacement, $100 for a camera repair, and $500 for a motherboard repair / replacement.

In all fairness, the Mate X is what we would call a "proof of concept". It's there just so Huawei can show that it can make it and to experiment with what is possible on such a screen. Buying it to use as a daily driver is probably not the best idea, as any little damage can end up costing you an arm and a leg. It'd be great to hang in a frame inside your home, though!

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