$99.99 Palm Pre at Best Buy turns out to be a mistake

$99.99 Palm Pre at Best Buy turns out to be a mistake
Best Buy mobile turned the entire cellphone world upside down today by slicing a chunk off the price of the Palm Pre to $99.99 with a two year contract. Wow! Of course, selling the Pre for less than a C-note could have meant a number of things. Most importantly, it would have represented a significant discount to the Apple iPhone 3GS, the handset that is probably considered the Pre's closest competitor. If the lower price was kept for a decent amount of time, it could have set up a domino effect of lower prices in the entire smartphone catagory. Alas, it was all a mistake. A "tweet" from the retailer's John Bernier indicates that the $99.99 price tag was incorrect, the price should have read $199.99 and Best Buy is hastily trying to make the necessary corrections. Was anyone able to sneak in a purchase for $99.99?

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source: BGR

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