89% of world's tablet based digital traffic comes from the Apple iPad

89% of world's tablet based digital traffic comes from the Apple iPad
How many ways can you divide data into bite sized morsels for the public to digest? The gang at comScore have come up with what they call the Device Essentials analytics service. The study uses "census-level information from tagged web page content" to break down digital traffic by device, and it is a fascinating chart to study. According to the firm's first report, the Apple iPad dominates digital traffic globally with a whopping 89% of tablet produced traffic.

In some countries, the Apple iPad is close to having the highest percentage of non-computer digital traffic. For example, in Canada where the Apple iPhone accounts for 34.6% of such traffic, the iPad is the source of 33.5%. In Brazil, the iPad actually leads, accounting for 31.8% of digital traffic in that country while its stablemate, the iPhone, is responsible for 21%. The opposite is seen in Singapore. There, Apple's touchscreen device produces 51.9% of the non-computer digital traffic versus only 21.6% emanating from Apple's tablet.

While the iPhone produces the most non-computer digital traffic in most countries, the tables are turned in the U.S. where 35.6% are produced by Android phones and 23.5% by the Apple iPhone. When it comes to tablets, though, the iPad dominates, leading in all 13 countries included in the survey. In the U.S., Apple's tablet had a commanding lead over Android tablets with traffic shares of 21.8% and .6% respectively.

Another interesting stat brought up by comScore is the fact that 47.5% of iPhone internet traffic comes on a Wi-Fi network while 21.7% of Android traffic is routed over Wi-Fi. 91.9% of traffic sourced from the Apple iPad was Wi-Fi based while that figure for Android tablets is 65.2%

source: AppleInsider

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