73% of Android users are Male; Android about to overtake iPhone in U.S. smartphone traffic?

73% of Android users are Male; Android about to overtake iPhone in U.S. smartphone traffic?
There isn't much difference in the number of men vs. women using the iPhone, or the iPod Touch or even webOS devices. But when it comes to Android, things change dramatically. According to analytical company Admob, a whopping 73% of Android users are of the male persuasion. Some of this might have to do with the images seen on TV ads. The DROID, as you might recall, had ads featuring stealth bombers and robots, machines and rockets. The webOS powered Palm Pre Plus, advertised by the same carrier as the DROID, was originally considered a great phone for Mom in its initial ads. The design of the latter device is all square corners, sharp and built sturdy. The former device is rounded and, as one analyst said, looks like a Fishere-Price toy. We've seen women with the DROID and men with the Pre so we wouldn't take these figures so personally. The average age of an Android user is 35, close to the 37 year old average iPhone owner and the 36 year old webOS user. Not surprising, the average iPod Touch user is all of 23 years old.

Another Admob report shows that Android is about to overtake the iPhone for most smartphone traffic in the U.S. As of January, Android users made up 39% of smartphone requests vs. 47% for the iPhone. Android has been really picking up steam vs. Apple's touchscreen handset and could pass the device by the next quarter. Some other notes from the survey show that Android and iPhone users both download a similar number of apps each month and spend the same amount of time using them. But something must be different when it comes to app buying because 21% of Android owners buy at least 1 app per month vs. 24% for webOS users, 35% for iPod Touch owners and a whopping 50% of those with the iPhone. As far as recommending their current device to pals, 91% of iPhone users would tell a friend to buy one. That figure is 88% for the iPod Touch, 84% for Android amd only 69% for webOS.

source: Admob via AndroidCommunity, AndroidandMe

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