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5MP camera on next iPhone?

This article contains unofficial information.

5MP camera on next iPhone?
Will the next version of the iPhone have an upgraded 5MP camera? According to tipsters for DigitTimes, OmniVision Technologies has received an order for 5MP CMOS Image Sensors (CIS) for a next-generation iPhone expected to be out in the second half of next year. The company became a supplier to the iconic touchscreen device by beating out competitor Aptina Imaging which provides the 2MP CIS for the iPhone 3G. OmniVision will ship 40-45 million CIS units for the iPhone in 2010, about double what it shipped last year. Including orders for the iPod, OmniVision's shipments to Apple ran to 65 million units in 2009. The sources say that the company is raising its wafer starts at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company beginning at the start of the new year.

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:44

1. Galen20K (Posts: 545; Member since: 26 Dec 2008)


posted on 23 Dec 2009, 13:21

2. Striker13084 (Posts: 128; Member since: 30 Mar 2009)


posted on 23 Dec 2009, 13:29

3. theGodpapa (Posts: 181; Member since: 15 Dec 2009)

Vzw Ftw

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 13:40

4. surethom (Posts: 957; Member since: 04 Mar 2009)

Instead of all manufacturers trying to keep up with the iphone the iphone is now trying to catch up with the competition

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 13:49

5. crappypunk (Posts: 131; Member since: 15 Aug 2009)

I hear that.. the iphone was the coolest thing in the world when it first came out.. now its just sitting back doing nothing special.. if they're going to upgrade the camera they should have an 8 mp camera with optical zoom

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 14:04

6. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Most people don't really care about a phone's camera since most people have digital cameras. And the iPhone is still one of the top selling phones. I have a 3GS and the fact that they threw in a better camera really doesn't make me want to buy one at all. Even an 8 megapixel camera wouldn't sway me. Most people would still buy the Droid if it was 3.2 megapixels and RIM has been selling a lot of phones lately and I don't think any of their phones even have a 5 megapixel camera.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 14:04

7. BlackberryUser (Posts: 609; Member since: 26 Jun 2009)

They spent the $ up front to be on the bleeding edge and then reaped the benefits. Although they did fall behind I can't say they did a bad job. Financially this was the best decision to make for Apple. I think the next step will be to move the iPhone over to additional networks, but I think Tmobile would have the same challenges AT&T had. They don't have a network that can support the mass data usage. Verizon would have a lot of issues, but I don't think they'd be as bad due to how CDMA works and their infrastructure.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 14:44

9. *HOVA* (Posts: 564; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

That's pretty hilarious considering numerous sources will tell you the camera on the iPhone is far better and more usable then many other phones. The Droid would be the first that comes to mind. That's pretty amuzing to me considering the Droid has a 5 megapixel camera and the iPhone has a 2 megapixel camera. But hey, don't take my word for it. Do a little Google search and check out Engadget reviews for yourself.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 15:43

10. colalover25 (Posts: 9; Member since: 15 Dec 2009)

I wish the could come out with a 12.1 mp camera with face detection and 10x optical zoom but hey 5mp's are better than nothing it would be a nice addition though LOL

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 15:45

11. omarc26 (Posts: 360; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

yea i agree an iphone with an 8 megapixel camera would be awesome also a xenon flash lol

posted on 24 Dec 2009, 00:08

21. hmcougar09 (Posts: 137; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I don't think you can speak for other people about the DROID.

posted on 24 Dec 2009, 10:10

23. testman22 (Posts: 339; Member since: 03 Nov 2009)

Apple is not stupid, we are. Of course apple could create a device with a 10mp camera, over 1 ghz of processor and 164 gigss of memory. But if they keep releasing the 2g, 3g, 3gs, 4g, and so on they can just keep making small tweaks and guess what?... the masses will continue to buy it. Thats why i'll be buying a phone like the passion (if it is real)- a device that is actually trying to meet its full potential

posted on 27 Dec 2009, 09:48

27. *HOVA* (Posts: 564; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

Yea they could do all the above... If you want a phone that resembles the likes of a Zack Morris eske phone. You can't cram everything into a small package.

posted on 27 Dec 2009, 13:04

30. nnr3 (Posts: 6; Member since: 16 Jan 2009)

iPhone is just not about camera. Its about the user friendliness and about a million, if not, billion applications available, helping you accomplish nearly everything you need. Merry Christmas! (lol, I know, I'm late)

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 14:04

8. som (Posts: 768; Member since: 10 Nov 2009)

Is this 5MP OmniVision is better than Samsung next generation 5MP System-on-chip (SoC) Image sensor with 1080p HD Video?

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 15:50

12. colalover25 (Posts: 9; Member since: 15 Dec 2009)

i really hope they get 5mp camera because that would just be really nice i think i would prefer the iphone over a droid only because of the thousands of apps and great user friendly interface but droid would definitely be my 2nd choice no offense droid/vzw lovers

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 16:01

13. phone333 (Posts: 331; Member since: 04 Feb 2009)

-Next iphone should get a snapdragon precessor as well as the 5MP cam...and open to all carriers... then they would "REALLY" dominate everything else.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 23:27

20. HatedaIphone (Posts: 42; Member since: 08 Jun 2009)

Next iphone should be discontinued.

posted on 27 Dec 2009, 09:49

28. *HOVA* (Posts: 564; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

You should be discontinued.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 16:42

14. Mateo8326 (Posts: 472; Member since: 15 Jul 2009)

So who's is getting the Iphone in 2010 still no official word?

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 20:55

15. vzw fanman (Posts: 1976; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

i wouldn't get the iphone even if it had a 12.1 megapixel camera. :-)

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 21:36

16. Fanboys Suck (Posts: 609; Member since: 12 Dec 2008)

You wouldn't get the iPhone if Bill Gates gave it to you along with 110 Mil.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 21:55

18. vzw fanman (Posts: 1976; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

well bro, i would shove the iphone up bill gates' ass and take the 110 million and run.

posted on 24 Dec 2009, 11:17

24. Illyich (Posts: 167; Member since: 13 Oct 2009)

What does Bill Gates have to do with the iPhone?

posted on 24 Dec 2009, 12:17

26. vzw fanman (Posts: 1976; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

i have no clue man.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 21:52

17. baldilocks (Posts: 830; Member since: 14 Dec 2008)

It's amazing at all of the ignorance here. I really wish that the would block anyone under 18 from replying on here. The iPhone isn't trying to keep up with anyone, rather the reverse. 3,5 or 8MP camera on a cell phone is a moot point. These aren't exactly DSLR Cameras. Some of you need to do some research before you post. And another thing. One or two word posts are for losers.

posted on 23 Dec 2009, 22:20

19. YouLostTheGame (Posts: 441; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

I would agree. I think at the beginning, the iPhone was lacking in a few key areas of general cellphone technology. Over the course of the OS updates though, Apple has pretty much brought those few key areas up to date (MMS, video capture, copy/paste, etc). I don't really care how many megapixels my cellphone has. I only take a handful of pics with my phone, and the current cams on phones in general are all up to snuff when it comes down to that. I think Android is really shaping up to be something great, and I know the iPhone was far from the first touchscreen phone, but it was the first to really catch a lot of mass market attraction. Yeah, the overal physical design hasn't changed much in three generations, which I would like to see happen, but the inner workings I think are every bit on par with what's currently offered. If anything, I feel a lot of things others are offering are only thanks to the iPhone, causing companies to wake up, and realize they need to innovate! One can't deny that Apple are masters of innovation and reinvention! And just a stab in the dark, but to me, the fact that the order is for double what was shipped this last year, I would say the argument of the iPhone getting opened up to other carriers is a no-brainer...now which one (I'm hoping VZW), who knows.

posted on 27 Dec 2009, 09:59

29. *HOVA* (Posts: 564; Member since: 11 Dec 2008)

+1 on that baldilocks. These prepubescents should be banned as they make no valid points or arguments and are annoying as the day is long.

posted on 24 Dec 2009, 01:00

22. cellgeek82 (Posts: 518; Member since: 20 Dec 2009)

It seems the iPhone isn't so perfect after all. They keep having to release new hardware. As for the DROID they just simply update the software. And the first DROID was 3G and 5MP camera. The first iPhone didn't have 3G or could send a picture message. Apple is just playing catch up while people keep throwing money at them.

posted on 24 Dec 2009, 11:18

25. Illyich (Posts: 167; Member since: 13 Oct 2009)

Yes, because clearly both devices have been out for the same length of time and the DROID has had time for major problems to come to light.

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