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5 phones with the highest pixel density

5 phones with the highest pixel density
Breaking the 500ppi pixel density barrier seemed impossible two years ago, and improbable a year back, but here we are now, with plenty of smartphones sporting the eye-watering 1440x2560 pixels Quad HD resolution. It was the Chinese siblings Vivo and Oppo that first equipped handsets of theirs with QHD panels, but it wasn't really until LG decided to do so with the G3 flagship this year that Quad HD phones started to get into the mainstream.

The higher the screen's pixel density, the more discernible small text and diminutive detail, and those QHD phones deliver great in that respect. Also, if you happen to have plenty of storage and patience to download handy, you can watch 2K movies in their full resolution on those phones. That kind of sums up the advantages, though, as the QHD panels are still quite the battery and screen brightness hogs, and yet they offer some of the highest pixel densities in the world, rivaling and surpassing those of some professional equipment. Here are five of the phones with highest pixel density at the moment, starting with the brand spanking new Fujitsu Arrows - as you can see, all of these sport Quad HD resolution panels, surprise, surprise.

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