350,000 Android phones activated daily, reports Google

350,000 Android phones activated daily, reports Google
In the process of reporting its earnings for Q1 2011, Google reported a 27% increase in revenue for the period to $8.58 billion. Unfortunately, the company's adjusted profits for the period of $8.08 a share was lower than the $8.11 forecast by analysts. That 3 cents miss has resulted in Google dropping 5.5% or more than $31 a share in after hours trading.

The good news in the release does have to with Google's open source operating system. Google is reporting that 350,000 Android units are being activated daily. At that pace, over 127 million Android handsets would be activated over the course of a year.

As of the 3 month period ending in February, Android phones led all other platforms in the U.S. with a 33% share according to comScore's latest MobiLens report. RIM's BlackBerry devices controlled 28.9% of the market while 25.2% belonged to Apple with the iPhone. On a global basis, research firm IDC predicts that as of year's end, Android will have a 39.5% slice of the world wide pie, good enough to rank as the number one mobile OS on earth.

And there was some more good news from the Google camp to report. Since the fourth quarter of 2010, the number of apps installed from the Android Market rose by a hefty 50%. That brings the total number of apps installed from the Market to a figure of 3 billion apps. So while Google's Q1 earnings report might not have gone over well with stock traders, for Android fans it was all good news.

source: NYTimes via Phandroid



1. andro unregistered

Don't publish these figures,they will anger Steve Jobs,surely 350,000 people a day can't be under his control and filling his bank account?

2. JeffdaBeat unregistered

I don't think he'd really care. If Apple wanted to be the number one mobile OS, they'd let other manufacturers use iOS on their phones. Just like with their computers. This isn't a diss on Android, but Quantity is not Quality. iOS is consistently well reviewed, whereas a lot of lower and mid-end Android phones are panned (and honestly shouldn't exist). I think all Steve Jobs cares about is having the most wanted handset on the market...

3. AppleFUD unregistered

If Apple licensed their OS out they wouldn't be selling any hardware. It's the OS and their ability to tie it with the hardware that allows them to have higher profit margins. Licensing it would turn them into a software company. As far as their devices being well review. . . sure, a lot of fanbois are tech reviews ;) Not to mention a lot of Android devices are well reviewed also. . . some even better than the iPhone however, OEMs know that not everyone wants to pay the higher prices of those top high end phones. . . thus they make some cheap ones--should they be in the market? Well, you don't have to buy them so it shouldn't bother you one bit but some are selling very well.

4. JeffdaBeat unregistered

It bothers me when people who aren't tech savvy want a smartphone and they end up buying the Motorola Backflip just because some Exec wanted a cheap Android phone. The consumer is stuck with it for two years just because they don't know the difference. And sure, you could say, do your research...but a manufacturer and carrier will say all of their phones are the best thing out there. It's not fair to consumers...

5. nik516 unregistered

Yeh sure some lower and mid android devices are not as well received as the iPhone but at least android users have the option. apple only make high end products. I'm moving from iPhone 4 to samsung galaxy s 2, I appreciate the quality but it is only quality in some areas not all. it's stupid that I have to download an app to watch a YouTube video? it's stupid that I can't drag music onto my device without sync with iTunes. Many things make the iPhone great but not great for everyone. p.s posted this on my iPad loll not a apple hater just a realist.

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