25 million CDMA Apple iPhone units to be produced in 2011

25 million CDMA Apple iPhone units to be produced in 2011
According to DigiTimes, computing the number of CDMA units of the Apple iPhone that will be produced next year is a simple math problem. Take the 15 million units that Foxconn/Hon Hai is expected to manufacture and add the 10 million coming from Pegatron, and that results in 25 million CDMA iPhones just waiting to meet all the demand that would be expected from such a release.

Whether these phones are heading to China or to Verizon, there is plenty of long-awaited demand for the product. And DigitTimes says that Pegatron is hiring 10,000 new employees at its plant in Shanghai, China to make sure that the contract manufacturer meets its end of the equation.

Earlier this year, we reported that Pegatron had been tabbed to produce a CDMA iPhone, but according to today's report, it is the first time that Foxconn and its Hon Hai unit had been linked to a CDMA variant of Apple's touchscreen device. DigiTimes, in its story, says that the phones will start shipping in December.

source: DigiTimes via MacRumors

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1. Joshing4fun

Posts: 1251; Member since: Aug 13, 2010

Go to China.

2. tpiazz01

Posts: 9; Member since: Oct 28, 2010

i was just at the verizon store tonight and the guy told me he has seen the ipone being tested in the local philadelphia area and that they have fixed the death grip issue. Other than that he says it's virtually the same phone on at&t. He also stated that with all of the good android phones coming out and all the free apps, that the ipone will still have a problem catching the android phones because of all of the great manufacturers like samsung, motorola, and htc using the open os. Don't know what to do know that this is right around the corner...These android phones are nice compared to my bb bold now...What do you guys think?

3. jacky_luvsjrod

Posts: 53; Member since: May 26, 2010

Man don't the people that wrie this kind of articles know that there are more CDMA networks around the world ? Not only in china and the USA ? Mexico, south Korea, India and many more places have CDMA networks it's like they forgot about those places cuz everytime I hear about a CDMA iPhone it's always for china or Verizon they never mention anything about an iPhone coming to CDMA carriers in other countries like the ones I mentioned above . I kno Mexico has a HUGe CDMA network called iusacell because when I go to Mexico I always take my droid x and I roam on there network and I get perfect evdo 3G roaming everywere I go I took a trip last month from Tijuana to Mexico city by car and I was covered with evdo coverage everywere I went even tho I was roaming I never lost reception once . So how come they dont mention a CDMA iPhone for Mexico ? It would make sense since they have a huge CDMA network also for India

4. jenna_23

Posts: 145; Member since: Apr 02, 2010

Jacky I agree with u it's like they also forgot about sprint lol don't they kno sprint is also CDMA? O also thanks for letting me know Verizon works in Mexico I'm going there next week and I thought I was going to need gsm because I thought they didn't have CDMA so know I feel safe knowing my droid 2 will work in Mexico thanks :))

5. ajac09

Posts: 1482; Member since: Sep 30, 2009

lol china is getting 25 million iphones in 2011.. maybe its for them phone arena??!?! lol

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