At least one 2018 Apple iPhone model will carry 4GB of RAM says benchmark test

At least one 2018 Apple iPhone model will carry 4GB of RAM says benchmark test
One of the three 2018 Apple iPhone models went through the Geekbench benchmark test late last month, and the test revealed a few interesting things. One, the A12 chipset, manufactured by TSMC, features six-cores just like the A11 does. Two, the model that went through the test will carry 4GB of RAM. Currently, the iPhone 8 has 2GB of RAM while the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X both carry 3GB of RAM. While some Android phones use as much as 8GB of Random Access Memory, the optimizations in iOS allow it to use less RAM to function smoothly.

We must point out that it isn't clear how many of the 2018 iPhone models will have 4GB of RAM inside. We would guess that at the least, the 6.5-inch Apple iPhone Xs Plus would have that much RAM. For those not familiar with Random Access Memory, it is a short-term memory chip that holds data used by active apps. The more RAM your phone has, the smoother your multitasking experience should be. The original Apple iPhone had 128MB of RAM on board.

The rest of the benchmark test revealed a multi-core score of 10,912 and a single-core score of 4,673. Apple is expected to launch three new iPhone models this year including an Apple iPhone X sequel with a 5.8-inch OLED display dubbed the iPhone Xs. The iPhone Xs Plus will be a monster of a phone sporting a 6.5-inch OLED panel. And the unit that Apple expects to sell the most is reportedly named the iPhone 9. This will be the lowest-priced model among the trio, and it should be equipped with an LCD display and only one camera on back. It will not come with 3D Touch because of an extra layer that supposedly will be applied to the screen. The trio should be introduced in September.

source: Geekbench

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