2017 Moto roadmap leaks revealing the return of the Moto X?

A 2017 roadmap for the Moto lineup has been leaked this morning, revealing model numbers for the company's 2017 releases. A report that we passed along to you the other day says that all of Lenovo's upcoming smartphone releases will use the Moto name. However, this is not an official statement from the company. According to the roadmap, only the 2017 Moto Z and Moto G will be completely designed and engineered by Motorola.

That means that Lenovo will be involved with the design and engineering on the remaining 2017 projects, which will include the Moto X and Moto M. While the Moto C and Moto E will both include input from Lenovo, the leak also shows that a third party ODM will also be involved.

The 2017 Moto road map includes:

  • Moto Z - Motorola
  • Moto X - Lenovo
  • Moto M - Lenovo
  • Moto G - Motorola / Lenovo
  • Moto E - Lenovo / ODM
  • Moto C - Lenovo / ODM
To illustrate how easy it is to get confused over which branch of Lenovo is involved in a certain phone, one needs to look at the recently unveiled Moto M. Despite the use of the iconic Motorola batwings logo, the front of the box clearly has the Lenovo name on the side.

source: +hellomotoHK via TechDroider

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