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16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 actually offers 10.7GB of usable storage

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16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 actually offers 10.7GB of usable storage
Despite an earlier report during MWC that the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 would offer just 8.4GB of usable storage space, it turns out that 2.33GB was being used for demos in Barcelona that won't be on the final version of the phone. That brings the amount of memory available to the buyer to 10.7GB, and an improvement over the 9GB that is available with the 16GB Samsung Galaxy S4. The amount of storage available on the Samsung Galaxy S4 was a bit controversial at first, with Samsung telling buyers of the phone to use a microSD card if they needed more memory.

While there are those who would rather have the extra storage, Samsung does load up its flagship handset with the features that many are buying the phone for. And the Samsung Galaxy S5 does come with a 128GB capacity microSD slot, which should be plenty of storage even for the most hard working power user. Or, you can dig a little deeper into your wallet to pay for the 32GB Samsung Galaxy S5.

If you want to avoid the bloatware entirely, you might want to check out a stock Android device like the Nexus models, or the Google Play edition handsets.The 16GB Nexus 5 offers users 12.16GB of storage.

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