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14% of active Windows Phones are running Windows 10 Mobile

14% of active Windows Phones are running Windows 10 Mobile
AdDuplex has been the leading cross-promotion network for Windows Phone for some time. With this position, the company is often passing along information about the platform that would otherwise be kept quiet. For example, thanks to AdDuplex we now know that Windows 10 Mobile powers 14% of active Windows Phone handsets. Last month that share was 11.9%. While there has been some positive movement, it is not enough to make Microsoft stand up and cheer.

The data shows that Windows Phone 8.1 still owns a commanding 77.3% of active Windows Phone units. Windows Phone 8 accounts for 6.7%, and Windows Phone 7.x is still running 1.7% of active Windows Phone units.

Breaking up Windows 10 Mobile even more, 52.4% of phones running the OS are using the new Anniversary Update (version 1607). That's pretty impressive considering that unlocked phones could pick up the update only a week ago, and AT&T just started sending out the update this week. 41.3% are using version 1511, and 6.3% are rockin' an insider version of Windows 10 Mobile.

Want to guess which Windows Phone is the most popular world-wide? If you said the Microsoft Lumia 535, you are absolutely correct. The low-end device has a 12.3% share of active Windows Phone handsets; that gives it a 1.9 percentage point advantage over the phone that was the platform's most popular handset for years, the Nokia Lumia 520. At the beginning of this year, the roles were reversed with the Lumia 520 garnering 12.9% of active Windows Phones, and the Lumia 535 snagging an 11.7% share. The Microsoft Lumia 640 is on the rise, with its slice of the Windows Phone pie rising from 6.3% on January 22nd to 9.8% on August 22nd.

Check out all the data in a tasty pie chart format, by clicking on the slideshow below.

source: MSPoweruser
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