100,000 N900 units sold by Nokia in 5 weeks?

100,000 N900 units sold by Nokia in 5 weeks?
Powered by Maemo, the Nokia N900 is a niche machine that wasn't expected to find itself at the top of the sales charts. Sure, Nokia's top device has a Flash enabled browser that many have called the best mobile browsing experience, but the N900 is more computer than phone-much more than your average handset-and it appears that only 100,000 units were sold in the first 5 weeks. Alberto Torres, in charge of Nokia's solutions business, says the company is happy with the results, "Sales have substantially exceeded expectations," Torres told the Open Mobile Summit trade conference in London this week. Nokia has been unable to come up with a significant challenger to Apple's iPhone which sold 8.75 million units in this years first quarter alone. The Finnish based company's last real star was the N95 which hit the market in 2006,the year before the iPhone was released. Earlier, news organization Reuters had claimed that Nokia had sold less than 100,000 N900 handsets in the first 5 months of release. Nokia, which normally does not respond to or release estimated sales, said that the 100,000 unit mark was reached in the first 5 weeks-not months. While the company remains without a serious challenger in the smartphone, touchscreeen space, it remains the top selling cellphone maker in the world.

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source:  DailyMobile

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