10 new features we'd like to see in iOS 7

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10 new features we'd like to see in iOS 7
iOS is a wonderful platform, we all know that. However, even the unprecedented level of polish cannot prevent Apple's mobile operating system from looking somewhat stale. And no wonder, after all, iOS hasn't seen a major overhaul since its first release in 2007. Sure, Apple has been perfecting the platform ever year, adding numerous new features and improvements, but its look and feel have remained largely the same, making it appear boring and static compared to its rival, Android.

But this isn't the only problem that iOS is facing today. If we go back in time, we'll find out that in 2007, smartphones weren't that mainstream. What this means is that when the iPhone came out, it seemed like a versatile and feature-packed powerhouse. In 2013, though, everyone has some kind of smartphone. People are much more knowledgeable about mobile tech, applications and the possibilities our favorite gadgets hide. With that, users demand greater control over their mobile experience. They want more advanced features, higher customizability, and a more open environment that allows their smartphones to be even more useful and reliable in their daily grind. In October last year, former iOS chief Scott Forstall was removed from his position, and replaced by Jonathan Ive - the person mainly responsible for the amazing design of your iPhone. Now, Mr. Ive is in charge of both hardware and software, and with that, speculation is circulating that iOS 7 is in for a drastic overhaul.

In what direction is Ive going to take iOS? Is he going to authorize the implementation of previously forbidden features, or is he simply going to replace some of the graphics here and there? We don't know just yet, but what we know is what we want to see in the next version of iOS. And here it is!

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