10 amazing crowdfunded projects that may shape our future

10 amazing crowdfunded projects that may shape our future
The jetpack that science fiction promised us long ago might not be here just yet, but the medical tricorder from Star Trek, or the phone that doubles as a desktop might soon be. With crowdfunding you can make a lot of humanity’s most craved technological dreams a reality. Kickstarter was the beginning, but now more and more high-profile projects are announced on a different platform - Indiegogo.

After Ubuntu launched its Edge smartphone on it aiming to raise a whopping $32 million and we saw the success of the Scanadu Scout, an amazing gadget that works like a medical tricorder, it’s time to dive deeper in Indiegogo.

You’ve probably heard about Kickstarter, the biggest crowdfunding platform out there. Indiegogo is catching up quickly in popularity and it differs by being more versatile and not requiring an ‘all or nothing’ funding for projects where if a project does not meet its goal, it gets none of the money raised.

Indiegogo has less backers and less visibility, but that does not mean that it has less exciting projects. We have picked the 10 most exciting crowdfunding projects on Indiegogo that may shape our future. Take a look right below.

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