Zombie swarms headed your way in this upcoming zombie VR epic

Zombie swarms headed your way in this upcoming zombie VR epic
The Zombie Army games have gained a cult following in the nine years they’ve been out. And now developer Rebellion Developments has just released a story trailer for the highly anticipated next installment in the franchise: Zombie Army VR.

Zombie Army wasn’t its own franchise initially. The popular game Sniper Elite V2 received two bits of DLC (downloadable content) that then received a standalone third chapter under the new name of Zombie Army.

There was a fourth game as well, and now it’s time to take the fight to the undead in VR. Rebellion Developments describes the upcoming installment as a “full-length, story-driven campaign” that takes place alongside the events of the previous games. If they pull this off just right it might end up as one of the best VR games on the market.

Zombie Army VR will see the player blast through hordes upon hordes of shambling zombies to free Europe from the invasion. Details are scarce about the main story, as it should be might I add. What we do know is that players will have to help Captain Hermann Wolff find his family while fighting the swarms of undead.

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New gameplay footage of Zombie Army VR shows off dual-wielding and more.

The trailers for the game show fast-paced explosive action taking place in a diverse set of eerie environments. Zombies in the game show a good amount of variety and gamers will be pleased to see that dual-wielding is a thing too. Because nothing feels as cool as dual-wielding in VR, using both hands to take down your foes with style and efficiency.

There isn’t a set release date as of yet though the trailers do promise that we’ll be able to get our hands on the game this year. What I’m particularly happy about is that the franchise didn’t lose its co-op shenanigans in the transition to VR and that Zombie Army VR will be playable both solo and with friends.

Zombie Army VR was developed in collaboration with XR Games which has released many VR games in the past like Jurassic World Aftermath. The game will come to the Quest 3, 2 and Pro as well as PSVR2 and PC VR.

And while you wait for Zombie Army VR, don’t forget there are massive sales going on in the Meta Quest Store and on Steam for VR games right now.
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