Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses just got smarter with AI

Solos AirGo 3 smart glasses just got smarter with AI
Solos has just announced live search functionality powered by AI for its AirGo 3 smart glasses. Live search will let the AirGo 3 answer user queries about current events, and AI with context memory will facilitate deeper conversations.

The Solos AirGo 3, which launched in September of last year, are one of many smart glasses Solos offers. Marketed as audio smart glasses, the Solos AirGo 3 resemble the Meta Ray-Ban smart glasses in that they don’t have a display.

While the Ray-Ban smart glasses are powered by Meta AI, the Solos AirGo 3 are now powered by ChatGPT. This integration of ChatGPT means responses to users will be much more natural. Conversations will also keep going after the initial prompt, with the AirGo 3 remembering previous queries and answering accordingly.

Other uses for the Solos AirGo 3 include SolosTranslate, which provides real-time multilingual translation. Actions can be taken through the touch sensor on the side of the frame. And speaking of frames, you have three options to choose from: Argon, Xeon and Helium.

Solos claims the new AI-powered live search functionality will enable users to do a lot more with their AirGo 3, including:

  • Real-time updates on flights or other data
  • Restaurant recommendations, especially when traveling
  • Keeping up-to-date with weather changes when out and about
  • Directions to a place without having to use your phone

Smart glasses have been gaining popularity in recent years. Meta is still working on its AI-powered AR smart glasses. And Google might also jump into the industry again with Project Astra, the demo of which showed it being used on AR glasses.

I agree with Mark Zuckerberg on one thing: spatial computing is the future. The Solos AirGo 3 are now an even better pair of smart glasses with AI-powered live search, and I assume it’ll only get better in the future.
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