Don’t worry! The Pico series of VR headsets is here to stay, despite what rumors say

Don’t worry! The Pico series of VR headsets is here to stay, despite what rumors' say
When you get into VR and start looking up the best VR headsets in an attempt to figure out which one you’d like to get, there are a few prominent brands and models that come up, and almost always among them is the Pico 4.

While this headset is a bit pricier than the fan-favourite Quest 2, it’s also slightly more capable, while still being less expensive and beefy than the latest and greatest Quest 3. It also has a dedicated standalone mode, which is why a lot of people make it their pick.

That being said, even if VR as a market has been around for a while now, we’re still far from the idea of it being stable in a competitive sense. Or at least, that’s what these reports that the Pico brand may be in danger (translated source), may convince you of.

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Luckily, ByteDance — the Chinese tech giant, who acquired Pico in 2021 — confirmed with the China Financial Associated Press (translated source) that Pico is here to stay. Oliver Wöhler, lead of PicoXR for Europe, hasn’t commented on the confusion, but he has shared some good news.

It would appear that the Pico brand will be making an appearance during AWE Europe of 2023 — an event all about AR, VR, MR, XR and even AI! The event kicks off on October 24 and will continue through to the 25th, taking place in Vienna, Austria.

While it’s too early to know what Pico’s goals at AWE 2023 will be, Oliver did tease something interesting, as the company seems to have big plans for this year and next year. So, it’s safe to say that Pico will be around for at least another year or so.

And, again, that isn’t really any wonder. The Pico 4 is one of the headsets that you’ll often see recommended online, as it offers a solid feature set at a fair price. But if you’d like to know more about the precise benefits of having a Pico 4, then you’ll have to wait for our review, coming soon.

Pico has started laying off hundreds of employees. As of now, the company hasn't unveiled any sort of business strategy for the upcoming years. We're following the story as it unfolds. 
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