Meta Quest 3 upcoming update could improve phone display readability

Meta Quest 3 upcoming update could improve phone display readability
Meta recently rolled out an update in the beta program, which adds some improvements for the Quest 3. One in particular seems to make readability better for monitors and smartphone displays, at least according to some of those who got to test the new update.

The new firmware version v64 is now available to users of the Public Test Channel. One of the changes included in this update involves improvements to the dynamic range and contrast adjustments of Quest 3’s passthrough.

The improvements to phone display readability are pretty substantial as seen in the videos recorded by Twitter user @meowkoteeq. Both videos have been recorded from the left eye at 1024 x 1024 @ 60fps, and then cropped to 512 x 512.

Although phone displays and monitors are perfectly readable while using the Meta Quest 3, visibility is less than ideal at a certain angle or distance. This update addresses these issues by adjusting the dynamic range and colors, thus improving readability from angles and distances that would otherwise make it impossible to see anything due to lighting.

The update is still in testing so it might take a few more weeks for Meta to iron out all the issues, but if you’re willing to join the beta branch, you can already check out these improvements.

However, it’s important to note that once you install beta updates on your Meta Quest device, you’re automatically at risk of unexpected issues. Not to mention that switching back to the stable version of the software might force a factory reset.
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