Immersive Apple Vision Pro series finally gets a second episode

Immersive Apple Vision Pro series finally gets a second episode
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On launch the Apple Vision Pro came with an exclusive series on Apple TV+. Named ‘Adventure’, the series features immersive videos for the Vision Pro. However, it had only one episode at launch. Until now.

The first episode, Highlining, came out on the same day Apple’s headset launched: February 2, 2024. It took viewers on a gorgeous journey 3,000 feet above the fjords in Norway. Now, almost four months later, the second episode has come out. Titled ‘Parkour’, the 12-minute video follows parkour athletes “across the streets and rooftops of Paris”.

These videos are shot in stereoscopic 3D with spatial audio and wide viewing angles. They’re perfect for VR and are capable of providing breathtaking experiences on VR headsets.

A fast-paced parkour video is a natural choice for this format. Most people are never going to experience traversing across the rooftops of Paris like this. This episode allows them to experience that, at least visually.

However, it is slightly concerning that it took four months just for the second episode to come out. I understand that filming and producing these videos takes time, but content on the Vision Pro is already sparse. It doesn’t help that there’s no support for most VR games or that the headset costs $3,499.

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Hello Apple Vision Pro. Goodbye life savings.

Now that the international launch of Vision Pro is near, Apple really needs to start ramping up production of content for the headset. Recent reports suggested Apple had vastly overestimated how much the Vision Pro would sell in the U.S. Hence, Vision Pro production has allegedly been slowed down.

So it’s more important than ever that the rumored Vision Pro 2 is more affordable if Apple wants more consumers on its XR platform. Because despite being one of the best AR headsets ever made, the Vision Pro might get left behind due to its cost and lack of games.
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