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  • Microsoft reserves the right to use the "kill switch" option with Windows Phone 7 handsets

Microsoft reserves the right to use the "kill switch" option with Windows Phone 7 handsets

Posted: , by Alex I.


Microsoft reserves the right to use the
Microsoft revealed that it reserves the right to use the "kill switch" option that allows the Windows Phone 7 Marketplace to remove applications from your device. Naturally, the Redmond-based company is not very eager to talk about this issue at length, but still emphasizes that it won't authorize app removal from any handset unless that's of utmost security importance.

The exact quote from Todd Biggs, director of product management for Windows Phone Marketplace is:

“We could unpublish it from the catalogue so that it was no longer available, but if it was very rogue then we could remove applications from handsets – we don’t want things to go that far, but we could.”

We would like to remind you that Android Market and iOS App Store have identical rights, but still it doesn't mean that they are uninstalling your applications just for the sake of it. The function seems to be reserved only for malicious apps targeting your device and data, which means the option is not too bad when you think about it.

source: Mobile Church

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posted on 04 Nov 2010, 10:39

1. ztedac (Posts: 69; Member since: 17 May 2010)

'kill switch' reminds me...
will the 'blue screen' also be reserved for w7 too?

posted on 04 Nov 2010, 18:31

2. PHONE_FREAK (Posts: 51; Member since: 20 Oct 2010)

If even WinMo, with it unstable platform, had no blue screen, why on earth would WP7 have it? You seem like a hater.

posted on 05 Nov 2010, 00:48

3. Amit G (unregistered)

True to the point 'P_F' Win 7 looks great ... and this right keeping issue to remote wipe an application is needed to keep the data safe from data robbers...

sigh, I want a win mo 7 in India Immediately...

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