Verizon Cameraphone Comparison Q4 2007

Verizon Cameraphone Comparison Q4 2007

A lot has changed since May 2007 when we published our Verizon Q2 Cameraphone Comparison. Now, almost eight months later, there are several new phones to test, including the Samsung FlipShot, LG Voyager, Motorola RAZR2 V9m, and Motorola Maxx Ve (which was used in our Q2 comparison).

The FlipShot replaces the Samsung A990, but still uses a similar 3MP Autofocus camera. The LG Voyager and Motorola Maxx Ve both use a 2MP Autofocus camera, while the Motorola RAZR2 V9m is 2MP with a fixed-focus lens (no autofocus).

With each phone, at lest 43 images were taken, equaling a total of 172 pictures between all of the phones. They have been captured under the following conditions and categories:

1) Outside in broad daylight
2) Outside at night
3) Indoors, under different types of lighting and with various distances from the object
4) Close-up Macro

We tried to use the camera’s Automatic settings whenever possible, but for night images we did use the Night/Darkness image modes. Also, indoor images taken with the Auto White Balance can vary greatly between phones, so bear that in mind.

In each category we have placed a 100% crop image at the top of the page, which shows the camera’s differences. It helps you to easily compare the performance, seeing the same object reproduced by different devices side-by-side. Since a 3-megapixel camera (FlipShot) takes a photo of the same object, but in larger resolution, it will have same advantage in this respect. We then show all four cameraphones images at full resolution, followed by a ranking of 1st to 4th place.



9. sovak75 unregistered

I'm shoked MaxxVe was rated so lowly. I have that phone and it is way better than the Voyager. Personally the best camera phone I've ever used is my Blackberry Curve. Crisp and clean even in low light.

8. motoman117

Posts: 15; Member since: Jun 22, 2008

excellent test, shows that people overlook motorola. The motorazr 2 is one of the best phones around, and certainly my favorite

5. unregistered

do u think i should get the flipshot :D :) :0 :} :{ :|

4. xfold unregistered

i did the test myself and to my suprise the flipshot has better pics. the flipshot takes better day and night pics so i dont no what these people were doing that the flipshots pics didnt come out clear. dont believe me? go to verizon compare the 4, save the pics to your micro sd and upload to your pc and then you decide for yourself.

6. unregistered

u rock

7. unregistered

tom rox out loud

3. Vzwgirl unregistered

I have to say I was shocked that the V9m. Ive had one and thought it didnt take good pix. My Voyager or my Envy takes way better pictures and is so much easier to use and view on!!! And the Flipshot is just kind of a dissapointment all around so Im not shocked at it taking last.

2. David unregistered

The motorola Maxx seemed to have the crispest pictures, the darkness is something that i could live with, becuase the problem with most camera phones today is there pictures are always blurry which makes them unattractive for any use. the only thing i have against the Maxx is what i have against most verzion phones, they ugly uncustomizable U.I. which only comes in RED but most verizonphones suffer from this locked up the a** user interface. maybe one day they will get a clue and make a not 4 year old technology cellphone

1. unregistered

Wow.... unbeleivable. The FlipShot is a didicated camera/camcorder phone, and it lost the whole shootout.

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