Sony Ericsson C702 Review

Introduction and Design

Introduction and Design:

No matter how resentful we feel about picture quality of phone cameras or how far it is from what normal digital cameras deliver, what we can´t but need to account for is they come in pretty handy sometimes, especially for capturing interesting things that happen in a blink and end before you have the opportunity to pull out your digicam. A walk on the beach or up a mountain can fall out to be abundant with such occasions, the thing is normal cell phones don´t seem to take dust or water splashes all too well. That is why we whole-heartedly welcome the Sony Ericsson C702 or any other dust and splash resistant camera phones.

These qualities are certainly due to its tough body, half of which is covered in rubber-like material. Our unit is bluish-green, which gives the phone a youthful look. Unfortunately the device is a bit on the heavy side and not exactly appealing and alongside of the Sony Ericsson C902, it looks like a fat, teen, acne sprinkled version of Brad Pit. Unfortunately, the adverse conditions resistant design seems to have adversely affected the keypad and navigational buttons. Keys feel rigid to press, require that some serious pressure be exerted and as a whole, they happen to be one the most uncomfortable buttons we have ever seen on a phone. Send and end buttons are so small, we recommend you procure a proper microscope before you get the phone. The sound rocker on the right hand side of the device is also a tough nut to crack. The only comfy button is the camera shutter. It has a good travel and feels easily discernible to touch, which is good since you need to double press – first to focus then to take the picture. The only thing on the left side of the handset is an M2-card expansion slot.

You can compare the Sony Ericsson C702 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The display itself is 2.2 inches with QVGA resolution and delivers pleasing image quality. Unfortunately direct sunlight renders it virtually unusable and this makes for a grievous shortcoming when it comes to a device that will be predominantly used outdoors.

The 3.2-magapixel camera is protected by a small cover that slides loosely and we figure it can easily get open incidentally. The built-in flash is right under and is, unfortunately, neither Xenon nor “Photo Flash” (like on the C902), but a simple double LED one. The battery cover is rugged, which lets you hold your grasp on the phone more easily and is removed by undoing the safety screw that keeps it in place.  We better stress on the fact that splash-resistant doesn´t mean water-proof. In other words, you can safely unwind taking part in any “singing in the rain” musical, but you better leave any Jacques-Yves Cousteau style shark shooting missions in the Marianas Trench to properly equipped scientists.

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