Samsung Glyde Review

The Glyde U940 is Samsung’s first touchscreen phone for Verizon and is in direct competition with the LG Voyager that was released almost 6 month earlier. It is based on the GSM Samsung F700, with similarities in style and form, yet the feature-set has changed. The Glyde is targeted to consumers that are looking for a touchscreen device, with a smaller footprint than the Voyager, while maintaining a mechanical QWERTY keyboard.

The Retail Package includes the Glyde phone, 1000 mAh battery, wall charger, USB data cable, Music Essentials CD, and user manual. Just like with the Voyager, we are glad to see an inclusion of the data cable and music manager CD, which eliminate the need to purchase them separately.


The Glyde features a unique design, being that it looks like a standard candy-bar style phone, but in fact has a side-sliding form factor, which reveals a hidden QWERTY keyboard for text input. The whole device is constructed out of plastic, which feels durable and should hold up to normal everyday use. It is black around the display and keyboard, a dark pearl-blue for the battery cover and QWERTY buttons, and with silver accents around the perimeter. When holding onto the Glyde, you can easily tell that it’s not as a big or as heavy as the Voyager, and is less noticeable when placed in your pants pocket.

You can compare the Samsung Glyde to many other phones, using PhoneArena's Visual Size Compare tool.

The front features a 2.8” diagonal 240x440 pixel capacitive touch-sensitive TFT display with 262K color support, which is used for all device functions and menu navigation, but it is a far cry from the larger 3.22” display that is used on the F700. When placing the same wallpaper on both the Glyde and Voyager, we noticed that the image on the Glyde was not as sharp and almost looked out-of-focus, but this was not true when viewing the phone’s main menu or using any of the applications. Unfortunately, both devices suffer from poor visibility while in direct sunlight, rendering the displays nearly dark and unable to view.

Unlike the Voyager that uses a pressure-sensitive display, the one on the Glyde is capacitive-sensitive, meaning that it responds to the electricity in your finger instead of the pressure of the touch, while also providing a slight vibration feedback. Even though this is good in theory, and is the same technology used in the iPhone, we encountered numerous problems while trying to utilize it. It is unclear if it is a software or hardware problem, but a majority of the time the screen would be over sensitive and go into menus and options that we did not intend press; despite turning the sensitivity level down to medium or low. Yet other times the menus would not respond at all, causing us to repress icons and on-screen buttons to get a response. However, our biggest complaint here is that the display lacks the ability of user calibration. Trying to dial a phone number, which should be relatively easy, is a chore on the Glyde, due to wrong numbers being consistently pressed. Because of this, we believe that a calibration system would fix a majority of these problems by allowing the software to “learn” where you touch the screen. This is used on both the Voyager and Glimmer and allows for a more precise response.

There is only one physical button located on the front and is used to return you back to the home screen, while on the right side is the camera button, volume rocker, and power/lock button. Along the top are the stereo speakers and 2.5mm headset jack, with the charger/data port on the left. The memory card slot, which accepts up to 8GB microSDHC cards, is inconveniently located under the battery door, but the device does not have to be powered off to access it. The 2MP autofocus camera and flash are integrated into the back of the device and are almost flush with the rest of the phone when the battery door is installed.

When opening and closing the phone for the first time, you realize how it got the name “Glyde”, since the both sections effortlessly glide back and forth, utilizing two springs that provide it with fluid movement. Once opened, there is a 3-row QWERTY keyboard, as opposed to the more commonly used 4-row keyboard on the Voyager, enV2, and even the F700. We are not certain as to why this was done, but conjecture it was to decrease the size of the device. Even though there is one row less, and the buttons are slightly closer, we had no problems when using the keyboard for typing text messages or e-mails, but it does become more complicated when having to enter numbers or symbols, since you have to press the Fn key to change between modes. Also lacking is the inclusion of a standard d-pad, which is replaced by directional arrows on the “L”, “N”, “M” and “.” keys. These can only be used when the phone is slid open and while using the main menu or an application.



1. unregistered

I disagree, i've had this phone for about 2 weeks and i haven't had any problems with this phone. It works great, the camera is nice (auto focus), and i have no problem w/signal strenght. I have not had any problems w/ the touch screen and it has been working great, its just like the Voyager's touch screen. The only problem is that the vibrate and Tone volume could be a little bit louder, but thats not even a huge problem. It is the perfect size and overall a very great phone, i would suggest this to anybody looking to get a nice phone w/touch and qwerty key board.

14. apb1994

Posts: 6; Member since: May 27, 2008

It could just be where you live that you don't have any problems. The phone I have from Verizon right now only gets one or two bars in my area, when I call somebody my calls almost always get lost if they're not quick conversations. And I went to the VZW store a couple of days ago looking for a new phone, I called my house and I talked to my dad and the reception was horrible, it took about one minute before the call was lost.

30. scarlett2603

Posts: 1; Member since: Apr 13, 2009

I had the glyde for six months and ihated it the whole time. the touch screen is TERRIBLE. it takes me ten minutes just to call someone! i HATE touch screens. NEVER get this phone! it doesnt hold a very good charge either. its terrible. i could charge it all day and it would only hold it for about four hours.i dropped it once on carpet and the camera broke. NEVER GET THIS PHONE

2. XxTNTxX

Posts: 12; Member since: May 12, 2008

even mobile youtube can't work? now THAT is lame.. stereo speakers both on one side? LOL! WTH was Samsung thinking!! I own a Voyager and have played with a Glyde @ a VZW store recently. I think the Glyde feels cheap as if I could break it with one hand. It's also not as eye catching as the LG Voyager but rather looks more like a kids toy. IF ANYONE reading this is debating on whether to get a Glyde or a Voyager, go w/ LG. Hands down.. The Voyager has all the functionality of the Glyde but better implementation and even more features if you consider Mobile TV.

3. unregistered

DON"T GET EITHER...GET THE LG DARE(VX9700) comes out July 4th (at least thats what the rumors say)

15. apb1994

Posts: 6; Member since: May 27, 2008

I agree, I'm looking forward to the LG Dare, but it'll probably come out a week later then when it's supposed to. Almost every phone does except the env2

4. Western_Son unregistered

I've seen many reviews criticizing the touch screen performance and I cannot agree with those who say it's buggy to a fault. Can someone please post a detailed description of a known, reproducible bug that is a product of the touch screen malfunctioning. My expectation of the touch screen is based on using my girlfriend's iphone. The accuracy of the glyde touch screen is on par with her iphone experience. Sometimes the targets are small and that is difficult on both phones. I turned down the sensitivity of the touch screen when I first got the phone and that is how it has remained. From my experience with the glyde I would say that touch screen problems are ultimately a user problem and not a design issue. Look at it like this: A $2500 Les Paul guitar in the hands of a qualified operator sounds great. A $2500 Les Paul guitar in the hands of a beginner will sound like a beginner. Where does the fault reside? Ultimately a phone is a communication instrument.

5. sinfulta unregistered

I usually agree with, but this happens to be the worst review I've ever seen for any phone. I have been demo'ing this phone all week and went with my car club to Carmel California to the beach cause I figured it would be a good test through mountains and long driving time. We were in Aptos, California right next to a resort on the beach and the Glyde was the only phone that got reception. My LG Chocolate 8550 (My personal) was searching for service and I was able to complete a call on the Glyde. I think personally the Glyde is just not as "optamistic" about it's reception, and shows signal of what it's really getting. It definetly does hang around the middle range of 2-3 "bars". But defintely has never dipped as low as the chocolate so far. Sound quality is excellent. I totally agree with review. Touch screen is excellent. I dissagree big time with I've had no trouble even using HTML or just browsing around the phone. It's definitely an huge step up in screen from the Voyager. I have no Idea what this reviewer is talking about. Outside phone conditions for screen brightness is similar to any other phone. And can be turned up out of the box. Voyager can not and in a side by side test outside in sunlight. It is defintely better with the samsung with it's brightness turned up from medium to high. Talk time is very very good, Standby and music/web browsing battery life is short. If i'm on the phone all day and do 2-3hrs of web browsing and light use of text and calling my battery will be dead after about a 16-18hr day. When I just used the phone for just phone calls, i was able to get approx 3.5hrs, and my phone had just went down to 1 bar of battery after I made it home from a local bar having cocktails with friends at 2am in the morning and I had the phone on since 7am that morning. (Sorry trying to give real world scenarios. lol) I hope this helps those who were concerned with the terrible review this was given. This is one of the best phones I've used in year. I think I might get one once I have to give this back.

25. repo33 unregistered

I agree, I've had the Glyde now for almost two months and I love it. I had a LG Chocolate and that was the biggest piece 'o crap LG ever squeezed out! I've been with VZW for about 7 years now and have had nothing but rage with LG phones. The Chocolate was so bad that they offered me an early upgrade with another $80 promo for the Glyde. So basically I got my Glyde for FREE! I don't care who ya are...that's a great deal and I couldn't pass it up. When I first got the Glyde I was a little skeptical if I liked it. But after playing with it for about a day and learning tips and shortcuts and such, I decided I loved it and STILL DO! So do the Cell phones are such an intregal part of our car. If you are a basic person you most likely have a basic car. If you are sophisticated and refined so is your car...our cell phones are the same. I saw a commercial for some prepaid junk called 'jitterbug' basic as it gets. Obviously that is for the Ford Taurus people!!!!

27. unregistered

LOL!!! I drive a Ford Taurus , bUT My phone is always the best of the best on market. I change phones evey few months. As a sales agent i find it better to of used the phone! Look I've been doing this job along time and from the sales side the phone is crappy! Ive sold over 200 hundred of them an had almost eveyone exchanged. aLL Went to Dare or Voyager! Now the Choc. thats a whole other story i have no clue what Lg was thinking there. All i know is the Glyde in my book is another phone i hate selling just like choc.

6. unregistered

PHONE ARENA get ur facts right this phone doesnt have a full HML browser the only verizon none pda phone thats has this is the voyager! u need to read ur facts and not just post what ever u think the phone has!

7. unregistered

Ah, yes it does! The Glyde and Voyager both have an HTML browser. It sounds like you are too much in love with your Voyager to admit that another phone has this as well.

8. unregistered PhoneId=3727&changingCompletedOrder= "Services HTML Browser with touch navigation"

28. unregistered

yes glyde has full html

9. unregistered

Unfortunately I don't think many of you truly understand the problems with this phone. The phone has many issues concerning the touchscreen and that is the main reason that I am returning it. The bug I consistently experience isbthat the send button on text messages never works. Every time I use it I need to press it multiple times. On the Internet I experience issues getting links to work. And for the person who said that is it on par with an iPhone, I very much disagree. I have an iPod Touch and the touch works so much more better on the iPod. This review is very correct except that I have had good experience regarding reception. The battery dies for me after only maybe an hour of browsing, twenty texts, and ten minutes talking after about 12 hours. I have also experienced issues regarding testing when switching from front touch to qwerty.

13. unregistered

I had a problem a that when I touched the calculator icon the phone would do a reset. I also had a problem with the space bar when texting. I exchanged the phone and so far none of those issues had shown. I think that you have a defective phone. The issues with the touchscreen, I think has to do where you do the tapping. I have learned this after playing with the phone. I still have to tap a couple of times, but to me that is the problem with the touchscreen. When tapping and it doesn't work just tap it slightly to the side. It will work just fine.

26. repo33 unregistered

I have this phone and wondered what everybody was talkin' about with software and firmware issues. I've never had any. Then the guy at Verizon told me that I have the newer release Glyde that got the software updates. Take your Glyde to Verizon and ask them if it has the software updates. If not, they will do it for you for free.

10. unregistered

I have benn using this phone since it was first launched. So far, I had no problem with Glyde at all. The touch screen is very responsive which works better than Voyager. And qwerty keypad is easy to tap and comfortable. Even though Voyager has more features like Mobile TV, I doubt that not many people actually use Mobile TV. Overall, this is a great touchscreen & messaging phone with attractive price.

11. unregistered

Well, now that I have had it for a few weeks its little problems are easily managable... My only real issue is the call quality.. I'm not sure if it is the phone or the network. I came from ATT and havn't used other phones on the verizon network... There is a significant difference, I just hope its the coverage in my area and that it improves...

12. unregistered

Well, I just picked up this phone and really compared the voyager to it. I wen with the glyde because the phones are almost exactly the same. I Don't reallneed a phone that has a mp3 player for it but something that is more sleek and comfortable in my hand, the glyde was just that even when texting I thought the keyboard was better on the glyde. Dont get me wrong the voyager is a great phone too, but for 100 dollars more, not that great.

16. budboyy2k unregistered

I disagree with this review too. I've played with this phone for a good length of time. It worked perfectly- the touch screen, sounds, reception, and everything. I actually like it and up against the Voyager-it's a hard call for the winner. I"m upgrading soon and the only bad thing I can think of is that the Voyager has FTP and the Glyde only has OBEX

17. unregistered

yeahh.. i just got the phone two days ago, and have been using it just as much as i use my other phone. using it for texting a lot. and the battery lasts about 4 hours and then dies.... 5 hours tops.... is this how it's supposed to be? cause my girlfriend who i'm texting has the curve and she charges it every other day.... is the glyde supposed to have such terrible battery life? or is my phone or battery messed up???

18. unregistered

This is suppose to be a flagship multimedia samsung phone for VZW yet it still can't sync with outlook or use samsung PC suite to sync up your pictures and video when is Verizon gonna get a clue At&T and T-mobile samsungs can use the PC Suite and sync, my old samsung that is 6 years old can sync with my computer, they still haven't change their policy in 6 years!! It is so frustrating.

19. unregistered

Ive had this phone since the day it came out and I havent had any problems with it. Although to some people it may be a bit difficult to control the touch screen, but to me its like cake... some people like it and some people dont.

20. Keith unregistered

This unit has got to be the worst unit ever released from Samsung. The touch screen has poor responce time (if you can even get it to respond) The keyboard is way too small for guys with big hands. I found the menu layout to be poorly designed as well. For being one of our flagship phones, this is a total flop. Look at the Voyager or enV2 for better text messaging units. I'd even go with Samsung's u740 over this unit......

21. unregistered

I got the Glyde two weeks ago and I had it for one week and took it back to Verizon. In my opinion it was horrible! For me the worst part was the lag, it reminded me of the first Razor. I also had a lot of problems of having to touch the screen multiple times for it to do what I wanted, even though my sensitivity level was as high as it could go. I would not advise anyone to buy this phone unless it was just mine that was crap.

22. unregistered

I've had it 4 over a month now. I think its a problem with the circuitry. A hardware problem in other words. Maybe its even cuz i live in chicago and its rlly humid here. Idk but its like rlllly annoying sometimes. But when it works correctly then it really is a decent phone =]]

23. kristina1987 unregistered

I have had this phone for about 2 months and have already had to have it replaced. The "alignment" was off according to the sales rep. Which basically means it would do whatever it wants whenever it wanted. They replaced it like I said but I wish they would have just let me trade for a new one because I now hate the phone. Do not buy it, go with the dare or the voyager. Seriously.

24. unregistered

ive had mine for bout 3 months and yea i experienced bad problems wit the touch screen. its like the phone had a mind of its own and would hit butons on its own. the sales rep said it ust needed a alignment and it works a lil bit better. dont get me wrong, i like the idea and design of the phone but they jus messed it up wit the capacitive-sensitive screen.

29. drsurprise

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 26, 2008

lol, i've had the glyde for like more than 2 and a half months and i love it! nice phone, light, stylish and works for me! the touch screen is great, haven't had a problem with it although the touch screen hates my friend when he uses it, lol. but for those that say the touch screen sucks, you can change the sensitivity level. i put mine on high and it works. if you put it on low, then it'll take several clicks for the screen to respond. also, i heard of a flash update for the phone which tons of people said that fixed the touch screen problems as well as other problems, but i didnt get it because i had no problems to begin with. i heard this upgrade is free. and the claim that you can't play youtube videos from youtube's mobile website on the glyde, thats not true! i went on youtube's mobile website, and i managed to play videos on my glyde. the sound sounds staticy just like any other phone. to prevent that, use 2.5 mm headphones. i don't know if my glyde has god's magic infused into it and other glydes don't but from my experience, i like it and its amazing!
  • Display 2.8" 240 x 440 pixels
  • Camera 2 MP
  • Storage 0.057GB
  • Battery 1000 mAh(3.50h talk time)

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