An attempt to fix Samsung Glyde touch problems

An attempt to fix Samsung Glyde touch problems
Last week we were informed of a possible fix to the Glyde’s touchscreen issues, which some customers are experiencing.

The fix requires the user to modify the area surrounding the battery, by placing a few pieces of tape (electrical or masking) to its lower portion and on the inside of the battery cover. In theory, this added pressure will push the battery’s contact points closer to the metal pins, allowing for a better electrical connection.

Being curious, we decided to try it on our Glyde to see what type of results we would achieve. With the tape in place, we first noticed that it was more difficult to insert the battery cover back onto the phone, though this is a minor inconvenience. We selected Medium as the Touchscreen Sensitivity Level in the phone’s main menu, since it is the default value. After using the Glyde for a few days, we noticed that the screen was slightly more responsive, especially when having to scroll through the main menu and making selections. Unfortunately, that was about the end of the improvement that we experienced. Dialing numbers were still problematic; with it often times selecting a number to the sides or below the number that you are pressing. Moving web pages around in the browser was also troublesome, with them scrolling erratically instead of smoothly. Lastly, when touching icons or buttons in the Main Menu, such as the back button, it would be selected and “light up”, but the software did not perform the operation, thus causing us to press the button a few more times to get a response.

It is unfortunate that customers are forced to try home-made modification to try and resolve the issues with the Glyde’s touchscreen. Even in doing so, there is a limit as to how well the fix actually works. Because of this, our overall rating of the Glyde remains unchanged and we encourage Samsung to look into the issues with the touchscreen and software.



1. unregistered

If you bought this phone Glyde on over to a VZW and get your money back, and hope that the LG Dare doesn't have these issues

2. unregistered

the dare won't have the same issues as its LG and not samsung. with the voyager, vu, glimmer, and etc. already out we can hope LG has THEIR touchscreens on lock down.

58. unregistered

i bought the phone and no problems the touch screen works fine for me ect. but i guess im alone though i did buy it yesterday so they prolly had time to fix bugs.

59. unregistered

i bought this phone and it makes me hate my life. The screen spazes out and opens up whatever it feels like i hate it !

62. unregistered

Amen. Its a piece of crap. I can sometimes tap on the middle of the screen and it will select sometime on the bottom left..the only thing that i can do to relieve the fury this phone causes is to turn it off and turn it on and hope that it will work. samsung needs to recall the glyde and appologize for lying to its customers.

64. unregistered

I have the exact same problem with mine. I've never dropped it, gotten it wet, etc. It just randomly starts pressing random buttons, even when I am no where near the phone. I have also experienced, as mentioned above, that sometimes when I try to press the Menu, or Contacts buttons at the top, the bottom bar that takes you to the speaker, volume level, messages, voicemail, etc. shortcut page. This happens at least 25 times a day and I am seriously considering going back to the Verizon store to see what (if anything) they're gonna do about it. If you're considering a touch screen, buy the iPhone, i know several people with the iPhone, Glyde, Dare, etc. and nothing compares to the iPhone. Seriously, it's in it's own league.

66. unregistered

I HATED this phone when I got it, luckily I got it for free (but still locked in for two years). Anyway, as you may or may not know, there is now a software update available in Verizon stores. It came out 11/4/08 and takes about 45 minutes . . . and is definitely worth it! Looks like Samsung listened to its unhappy customers! Except of course for the inconvenient size of the screen, there are no more issues with misplacing where you touch! The keypad and menu are now so much better, as all the icons are more seperated from one another. After the update, the speaker phone doesn't yell at you when asking whether your voice command was correct either! The phone still is no i-phone, but there are SO MANY LESS HEADACHES! Hope this helps!

70. dduck unregistered


71. ihatetheglyde

Posts: 1; Member since: Dec 21, 2008

are you stupid? ive come so close to snapping this phone in unlocks itself now it takes me up to an hour to send a 5 word text i cant read texts for up to an hour sometimes, because i cant get to the message screen i cant make calls because the phone deletes the number, and i even have to slide the keyboard out and press my speed dial button to make calls i have to answer calls by turning the phone to speaker... it does the crazy thing where it presses the shortcut to speaker, new messages, voice mail, etc, then presses back, and i dont even need to touch it...and this happens for up to...the longest was probably a day? it turns itself off it adds random people to whom texts will be sent when i can send a text it adds random letters when im texting it puts the typing bar in random spots when im typing i have been listening to a song on it and it deleted the song when i was trying to turn up the volume this phone makes me want to do many unpleasant things to whoever approved its release to the public

74. Sharpsteve21

Posts: 1; Member since: Jun 20, 2009

i completely agree with you! i was trying to send a text messege to someone by opening contacts and through their name, i clicked "send txt msg" and it opened a screen saying do you want to delete ths contact with a yes no screen, i clearly and i mean clearly hit no only for it to hit yes and sometimes when im typing a messege it decided to put me on the sentence above and ill be wrting through my previous sentencs im hoping to take it to a VZW store tomorrow and getting it fixed or at least refunded! Because im locked in for a 2yr contract

78. daydaykost unregistered

you only had the phone for one day rere u cant judge a phones problems in a day wait six months

3. VZW Employee unregistered

lOl... I've played with that phone here in the store and did notice that the touch screen on it is difficult to use. I guess a lot of other people have complained about it and someone came up with a temporary fix for it. Hopefully Verizon or Sumsung comes up with a permanent fix for it. But, all in all I like the size of it and how it looks.

4. Hola unregistered

lol tape thats so sad I would of never bought phone like that. If I was A verzion customer I would wait for the Dare if any good we will wait and see and there new phone thats coming out the "Blaze". The Blaze is fromm the motorola ming line up. It is a really good phone because you hack and modd it hopefully if verzion dosent ruin it.

5. T-Money3000 unregistered

I was never happy with the Glyde. Even from pictures. That stupid ad with the sleeping guy and his hand surfing the web... It's not even that easy in real life to navigate thru that keyboard. I do hope that VZW can rectify this issue. So far, the Glyde, the Chocolate 1, and the RAZR have been VZW's WORST phones to date. I work for them and believe that it's the best mobile service in the USA, but c'mon.... And totally off topic, anyone know when and if VZW is going to have Video Chat/Share like AT&T? That's one feature I can see coming in handy.

18. unregistered

I hope they will. I would imagine that evdo revA is enough for 2 way video feed, but if its not I would rather wait untill its 2 way.

6. Scott Baio unregistered

True VZDubz has the glyde but people remember that Samsung made this phone, I heard that Dylan McKay and Brandon Walsh both have glydes and think it's a great phone.

9. unregistered

who cares if they like the phone. they must never use it

7. unregistered

Heres my thoughts. As a VZW Rep I can understand the problems that people are facing with this device as I have while demonstrating it to customers. VZW does put there phones through better testing than any other carrier out there. I have seen a few slip by and am not happy about that. What I am happy about is what VZW does after the fact. Our dedicated support to the customers is unrivaled. So people can make fun of VZW all they want. Its really not my concern. But the numbers show that the vast majority of customers prefer VZW over any other company because of how we fix problems. I would rather be with a company that makes mistakes (not as often as others) but does something about it than with a company that makes mistakes and tucks its tale and hides hoping that it will all blow over. This stuff happens people. Not a big deal. If a customer walked in today telling me about all the problems they are having with the GLYDE I would promptly exchange it for a different device like the Voyager now that it is priced so close to the GLYDE. And I would do all this with a smile on my face and with sympathy towards the problems they have faced. That is what makes us great. I welcome any and all feedback to my comment with great respect as long as you show me the same. Thank you all! :u)

44. unregistered

I had an absolutely horrible experience trying to get the software patch for the touch screen upgraded. On the phone and in the 3 stores I went to today 8/6/08 in Orange County CA, I was told the reason they couldn't fix it was "nobody knew how" or that I should have waited a couple more days after I received a text notice from VZW or "VZW didn't send the store the software." I was treated as a pariah even though I was very civil with the staff in the stores and on the phone. I was told 3x that "I jumped the gun". The text from VZW says go to any store and it will take only "20 min". What a lie! As a VZW rep please tell your superiors not to release a patch until the stores are ready and the staff trained. You guys really blew it. Your TV ads are a myth!

46. ben31027 unregistered

omg i had the same problem with my update on my glyde... i was told we didnt have it... then i called the customer service number and they told me it was out since 07/22/2008... i dont like the fact that verizon lies about things... and theni was told that only one person per store knew how to use the system.... ugh i am on my 9th phone since apri.... 2 alias, 6 env2s, and one glyde.... my glyde has been the best but still i dont like the fact that verizon covers stuff up... btw the voyager and dare are both pressure sensitive screen which will break with in a year and verizon will not cover it :( 5 of my friends have been thru this with verizon..... LG sucks so i think i rather hit a button 2 times every once in a while but i dont want a phone i have to take back to the store every week :(

55. Wes unregistered

Where do you work at? I'm coming there to get my phone exchanged. My wife has the voyager and i have the glyde, she has no problems with her screen and i have hundreds with mine including the phone turning itself off and back on everytime i get a text message.

60. unregistered

my phone turns off a lot too.

61. unregistered

i'm on my third glyde and will be bringing this one back as well. at first each one worked great but after about 2-3 weeks of using it the touch screen goes haywire. It gets worse and worse. Now it's at the point where I touch anywhere on the screen the bottom menu bar lights up. Sometimes I don't even have to push a button on the screen. Just looking at the damn thing causes it to push random buttons. The thing that gets me is why they don't give me a new battery when I exchange the phone? I mean...if I've had problems with 2 and now 3 phones shouldn't we eliminate the common denominator? They told me next time I bring it back I'll have to get a Voyager as a replacement. But I've heard nothing but bad things about that phone. Has it improved since it came out?

63. unregistered

My glyde does the exact same thing with the bottom menu bar. If I touch any part of the screen the bottom menu bar lights up. Sometimes it activates the menu bar and then the back button activates without me touching it and it just goes back and forth between those two screens while it is siting on the table not being touched. I am very aggravated. Have wanted to throw this phone against the wall many many times.

8. sinfulta unregistered

I now own the glyde and was extremely upset about the review that it received with Phone-Arena. I've slowly seen some customers having issues. 60% of the people that have problems with the glyde is user error, where I've showed them how it works. (Example would be like woman using there finger nail, men using the side of there finger) Once I've corrected these people and told them to use there finger flat on the keypad they have not issues. But I've also seen some defaulted Glydes, where the screen is not nearly as responsive as my phone. I've taken customers phones and put it on the same settings as mine, and am astonished on how crappy it is. Then customers are blown away when I let them use mine. It's like the pick of the litter, I had to open up 3 the other day in order for it as responsive as mine. So obviously there is a high percentage of bad ones out there. I have no issues with my device at all. It's been one of the best phones I've ever owned.

10. unregistered

whether or not verizon puts their phones through more testing than others it besides the point...they continually have inferior phones to other providers. they cant have the best network and the both phones at the same time so they skimp out on the good phones to focus their effort on their service...fair enough. my main concern is why the hell people are keeping this crappy phone! its crap. i love the design and was about to keep it but im not about to sit on my ass all day and try to "learn" how to use this terrible touch screen. its defective and they need to fix it somehow. there might be some people out there who have a good one, but from what the majority of people are experiencing, it doesnt work.

11. unregistered

correction...**they cant have the best service and the best phones at the same time**

12. lol at everyone unregistered

you know...the only stringent testing that is going on with the phones is that they are all being wiped to vzw menus, not to mention everything that made the phone good is made to crap since all the GPS functions, etc, etc are being disabled. thats all folks, play with other phones from other carriers and you'll see the difference.

13. unregistered

haha, so true

15. elgee02 unregistered

Nothing was "disabled" from this phone as any features this phone does not have weren't there to begin with, like open gps.

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