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An attempt to fix Samsung Glyde touch problems

Addendum to Glyde Review
Last week we were informed of a possible fix to the Glyde’s touchscreen issues, which some customers are experiencing.

The fix requires the user to modify the area surrounding the battery, by placing a few pieces of tape (electrical or masking) to its lower portion and on the inside of the battery cover. In theory, this added pressure will push the battery’s contact points closer to the metal pins, allowing for a better electrical connection.

Being curious, we decided to try it on our Glyde to see what type of results we would achieve. With the tape in place, we first noticed that it was more difficult to insert the battery cover back onto the phone, though this is a minor inconvenience. We selected Medium as the Touchscreen Sensitivity Level in the phone’s main menu, since it is the default value. After using the Glyde for a few days, we noticed that the screen was slightly more responsive, especially when having to scroll through the main menu and making selections. Unfortunately, that was about the end of the improvement that we experienced. Dialing numbers were still problematic; with it often times selecting a number to the sides or below the number that you are pressing. Moving web pages around in the browser was also troublesome, with them scrolling erratically instead of smoothly. Lastly, when touching icons or buttons in the Main Menu, such as the back button, it would be selected and “light up”, but the software did not perform the operation, thus causing us to press the button a few more times to get a response.

It is unfortunate that customers are forced to try home-made modification to try and resolve the issues with the Glyde’s touchscreen. Even in doing so, there is a limit as to how well the fix actually works. Because of this, our overall rating of the Glyde remains unchanged and we encourage Samsung to look into the issues with the touchscreen and software.

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