Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus Review

Introduction and Design

The Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus is an heir to the Galaxy Ace, which was outed a year ago, upping the CPU speed to 1GHz, and the screen size to 3.65”. Unfortunately, it is keeping the same HVGA resolution that was all the rage in 2006.

It is not aiming to win any specs or design awards, but is it a decent player in the value-for-money category? Read on our review of this entry level Android handset from Samsung to find out...


The overall looks are decent, and still anything but a black plastic design would be a welcome difference. The Galaxy Ace Plus has tapered back made of shiny black plastic, where the 5MP camera with LED flash and the speaker grill are situated. This glossy plastic is a bit slippery, but the phone sits well in the palm, and the screen is small enough to reach everywhere with your thumb only, making the handset suitable for one-handed operation.

You can compare the Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

The brightness of the display is good enough outside on the cloudy day we had, but it's not going to be very legible when stronger sunlight hits. Still, this can be said for many but the brightest smartphone screens, so it is fine. The colors are vivid, though, and the viewing angles decent. The screen's main disadvantage is the below average pixel density, which makes the interface look grainy, and letter edges jagged when reading. It is a 3.65” display with 320x480 resolution, resulting in 158ppi.

Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus 360-degrees View:

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