Nokia X7 Review
This is a global GSM phone. It can beused with T-Mobile USA and AT&T.


The Nokia X7 is one of the front-runners of Symbian Anna, a major overhaul bringing portrait QWERTY input, improved browser and a refreshed design to the Symbian^3 platform. But the X7 is also a media-centric device with a premium feel and a 4-inch AMOLED screen. It's also one of the latest high-end Nokia handsets running Symbian, so it deserves some special attention. But does it deserve your buck? We'll guide you through the novelties of the interface, see if that 680MHz ARM 11 processor under the hood can back up the experience, and look at the 8-megapixel fixed focus camera, but let's start with some history.

The Nokia X7 first leaked out in November 2010, but since then it's been through a bumpy ride to the market. In December, it appeared with AT&T branding and seemed set for a Stateside release, but only a month later either the carrier or the phone maker decided to cancel that partnership, so the device wouldn't appear subisdized in the States, at least initially. The Nokia X7 however was finally made official in April heralding the all-new Symbian Anna, previously known as PR 2.0.


But it's not just the new interface – the Nokia X7 is coming with a rather unique angular design with four grills on each of its corners, but only the bottom two hold speakers. A 4-inch AMOLED screen with a resolution of 360 x 640 pixels dominates the front. It doesn't come with Nokia's ClearBlack enhancement for nearly perfect blacks and better anti-reflection for outdoor visibility, but we found the colors to be very vivid, with blacks still very deep. Add to that Gorilla Glass scratch protection, and you're looking at a delicious screen, corrupted slightly only by the average sunlight legibility. Oh, and we do understand Nokia's wish to keep its ecosystem consistent, but that nHD 360 x 640 pixel resolution seems dated now.

You can compare the Nokia X7 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

Up front, you also have the earspeaker on top and the menu key on the bottom, while on the right side there is a volume rocker and a nifty dedicated camera shutter key that will let you quickly snap photos. On the left you're in for a surprise – a lid-protected microSD card slot and a SIM card slot allow hot swap of cards. But opening them up proves to be a challenge even for the most experienced smartphone user. The engineers at Espoo have managed to come up with a unique opening mechanism – the lids actually serve as the front doors for the tiny drawers where you can put your cards. To open them, you first need to press one side of the lid and only then pull the whole drawer. After getting to grips with the mechanism, it works seamlessly, but the casual user with no manual at hand will find it unintuitive at best.

The back is where one of the most controversial elements of the Nokia X7 is – the fixed focus 8-megapixel camera with dual-LED flash. Fixed-focus, also known as full focus in Nokia's terms, has the advantage of keeping nearly everything in focus. At the same time it's extremely snappy as it doesn't take the time to adjust focus for each shot, but everything closer than 20 inches automatically gets blurry, so you can forget about macro shots.

The metal back cover seems very durable and adds to the premium feel of the handset, but unfortunately it's not removable. On top, there is a microUSB port for charging the device, a 3.5mm headset jack and the lock key, while the bottom is just plain.

The handset feels solid with its 5.15 ounces (146 g) of weight. It's not among the slimmest out there with girth of 0.47 inches (11.9mm) at its thickest, but its oval profile contributes to a comfortable fit in the hand. So overall, while it left us with mixed feelings, we can't deny that the materials Nokia used leave an impression of premium quality.

Nokia X7 360-degrees View:



2. sinple unregistered

the review is a bit biased.

3. Eingild

Posts: 203; Member since: Apr 19, 2011

Seriously? A 5 out of 10? You can at least give it a 6 or 7 out of respect dude. That Nokia hatin' is pretty much obvious in this one. I know the review is subjective to the reviewer's opinion. But seriously? A 5?

16. Jack95 unregistered

Hey dude do you know how much does it costs the price is higher than an cool Android device hahaha Nokia are losers now because Androd is the KING . Just because Nokia can't use Android cause "they are special" (but they are not) HAHAHA losers.

27. alec unregistered

you release giving a phone a higher review out of respect is incredibly biased right

5. Piotrek007

Posts: 119; Member since: Dec 07, 2010

LOL !! 5/10 ?? Who the hell made this review ?? =\

6. aamir-250 unregistered

hmmmmmm, 5 on 10 this is not fair ,,, phonearena

24. alec unregistered

so were you just blown away by the 640 mhz processor or was it the 320x640 resolution or the $650 price tag that just blew you away nokias dead get over it

43. kastor

Posts: 43; Member since: Jan 15, 2012

yes,640 mhz processor,but iron made,best navigation on phones and lot of it what only nokia can do!

7. xenover

Posts: 174; Member since: May 27, 2011

I think it deserves it. s**t of a phone.

8. NokTokDaddy

Posts: 21; Member since: May 12, 2010

Never take one review site's verdict as the Last Word... Readers of Nokia products on this site would be best served to follow sites like All About Symbian or even Engadget (Myriam Joire knows a good device when she sees one, as does her now-ex colleague Chris Ziegler) All things in balance...

9. Josh unregistered

Are y'all forgetting that it is mid 2011? These specs would suck last year. And it's not that these are just numbers to brag about when they really effect the performance. If you're upset cuz you're a Nokia fan wait until their windows 7 phones come out. The actual desgin looked cool tho. That's bout it.

10. A unregistered

some1 else should do over this review, this dude is really baised!!!!!

11. ps unregistered

"most resent tasks" cmon those are things u have runnin simultaneously. Wierd to keep 9 applications running at the same time and complainin about small lag...

12. Alinda unregistered

I can't blame the reviewer because he has been spoiled by the Apple & Android experience. Phonearena is not the only one harsh to Nokia, just wait what TrustedReview & Mobilechoice UK have to say when they review X7. Even when harshly criticized, I doubt Nokia engineers will listen. They will defend the full focus camera no matter what. After being Nokia user for as long as I can remember, come Wednesday I'm jumping ship. I'm getting a Samsung Galaxy S2 - there you go Nokia, you just lost a customer.

23. vinay kumar unregistered

You are right,they have to get powerful hardware with more ram,probably the chances are more to fight the competition.

42. pipo unregistered

Good luck with your samsung Galaxy S2. It doesn't do full 2-way recording out of the box. Like ANY serious communication tool should do these days. It doesn't play xvids with subtitles without additional software. It doesn't sync with your tried and trusted Outlook. Oh, and don't forget to get that hefty data-plan when using Google Maps to find your way around. BTW, could you tell me how you can use the adresses from within your contacts as a navigation-pointer. I know in Symbian I just tap the address and it'll insert it into ovi-maps. Oh and good luck when Sams**t decides that you don't need any ICE Cream upgrades and you need to resort to jailbrea... I mean "rooting" your device. Bye.

13. John unregistered

Honestly Victor H. i really hope you get shot or get fired. You make the stupidiest reviews in the world. 5/10? Do you even know how to work a phone? Even MobileSyrup is a better website then this phonearena s**t. I am actually emailing Nokia & the staff member of PhoneArena showing them how This so called " Reviewer" does not know anything about phone what so ever. Hey Victor just a question. How much do you get paid? Oh wait you are reviewing a phone from a company that makes millions & even billions & you are making what? Thats right nothing. I really hope that staff do something about this tool. Watch he will delete all teh comments before staff can see & claim that they never were written to save his ass. Just remember Victor something called PRINTSCREEN. Can not wait too see what staff & staff from Nokia have to say about this. Goodluck you will need it :)

33. Hạnh Dzuy unregistered

Calm down. You are the one who marketing for Nokia or what? I can see this review is quite fair. I myself like this design a lot and when come to the resolution and proscessor I totally pissed off. Speak frankly, do you think 360x640 and 680Mhz is competitive information? And even 1300mA battery is not standard anymore. I am sometimes dissapointed with some PA review, but not this one.

14. Mobile-X-Pert

Posts: 565; Member since: Dec 20, 2010

This is why I always say that "Gsmarena" is the best website when it comes to reviews. I don't really think that phones should be rated by numbers, but then again if you guys would like to see an exellent and "well made" review just go to Gsmarena.

15. luis_lopez_351

Posts: 951; Member since: Nov 18, 2010

Wow! The E7 and N8 gets an 8.5 and this has better spec but gets a 5? Phonearena your turning into bullsh_t. Just because it cant do what your iphone can. News flash its iphone cant do what Nokia x7 does.

35. HTCiscool

Posts: 449; Member since: Jul 16, 2011

You're an idiot. When the e7 was released there werent many dual core phones around and so the expectations were lower. the X7 comes into a very different market where it must compete with the best of Sammy and HTC with the same features the N8 was released with 8 months ago. what makes it worse is that Nokia has decided to price it to compete with mid-high range droids where its only saving grace it its screen quality. and build quality

17. mrcrangle

Posts: 10; Member since: Apr 12, 2011

I'm not going to rush out and buy a Symbian phone these days but 5/10 is an outrageous score that makes me doubt the objective nature of the review. With such negative reportage from sites like this, Nokia's demise will become a self-fulfilling prophecy and that can only be bad news for competition in the mobile phone industry. Phonearena, you should be ashamed of yourselves...

18. Seylan unregistered

After the good reviews of the N8, E7 and some other devices, you give a bad one like this? K, I understand, the X7 doesn't have a high-screen resolution, a dual-core cpu, 1gb ram, auto-focus and a few other things, but then again, MANY phones can't do what the X7 does best. The camera is actually quite good, I have checked alot of sample shot from other have to get use to it. It takes time and practice, and me, a E7 owner, is more than satisfied with the results. And HD video recording is really good! My E7, which doesn't have Anna, is fairly fast in performance. I hardly ever experience a problem, and 256mb ram is more than enough! Remember, this is a smartphone, its not trying to be a pc/tablet. This is clearly a biased review. The X7 deserves a good 7. 5? never. I can't wait to see your faces when Nokia reveals the N9 and other super-phones.


Posts: 3131; Member since: Jan 12, 2010

Yea I don't care much for Brokia but even I have to say this phone deserves way more than a 5. In the review, the phone looked very much managable. Yes the price is high but most GSM unlcoked phones are. I will admit, I would buy a unlocked Samsung Galaxy S2 and pay 200 more than buy this any day. However I still believe it deserves a much higher score.

20. box unregistered

I agree, this should have gotten a 6 or 7, if only because of build quality, reception, big screen, and design. The lack of the Super Black screen is disappointing, as is the camera review and "digital sounding" voices, but all else being equal, this should be up there with the N8 and E7: not as good, but a decent alternative, and a good choice for the hundreds of millions of Symbian users out there looking for a newer, more engaging experience

25. Nuadar unregistered

Get over it...this is really poorly designed phone...specs would be bad even last year, system is horrible, its really tiring to hold, unergonomic, slots for cards are really stupid too...totally giving it 4-5 points

26. pirate_777

Posts: 16; Member since: Feb 27, 2010

I bought this phone today, and it is AMAZING, best Symbian device up till now ! touchscreen is amazing and the UI is so good, it feels premium and an amazing phone as much as its a smart phone, loud and clear voices plus a very loud speaker. It has a better web browser so people will like it over the Symbian^3 and i like the new keyboard it feels nice with the haptic feedback.

28. NokiaFan unregistered

This reviewer so so f**king bias its not even a joke. He always has negative things to say about Nokia and positive things to say about Android and/or iOS. I know everyone's entitled to their opinion but i honestly think this person is a huge Nokia hater. How the hell can you give this phone 5/10. Are you f**king insane? I can just imagine the negative things he will say about the Nokia N9 running MeeGo Os, when he reviews it. This reviewer should be replaced by someone who is unbiased. Someone who can appreciate the little things each smartphone/smartphone OS has to offer.

29. Stoli89

Posts: 333; Member since: Jun 28, 2010

I have an N8 which I love. It's a fantastic device in so many respects. However, the X7 is somewhat conflicted IMO, given today's market. Nothing really stands out beyond the fantastic build quality...but this should be a defining advantage once the rest of the package has claimed relevance. For the price, the camera is not suitable. EDoF should be limited to 6 series devices and below. It's a great tech for the vast majority of users...but for premium devices its simply not competitive (i.e. for business card scanning, macro). I'm not really bothered by the ARM 11 processor, having experienced its performance when properly matched to the overall phone. It's very good with an excellent GPU to boot. However, it falls short in 2011 against single and dual core 1Ghz monsters. That being said, my N8 easily goes 1.5 days with normal/moderate use and averages 3.7 full charges over an entire week. I listen to podcasts in the car with bluetooth and connect to wifi when at home and in the office, so "moderate use" seems justified. The X7's beautiful AMOLED is also hampered by the 360x640 resolution. IMO this nHD rez is fine for a 3.5 inch screen...but not above that dimension. No FM transmitter, no replaceable/removable battery capability, no HDMI out, no front facing camera. Frankly, the N8 is a much better purchase at similar pricing. That being said, a 5 out of 10 seems dramatic for such a device. 6/10 would be more like it IMO...especially since the price will quickly moderate down to a more suitable point once in firmly the channel(s).

30. i hate phone arena unregistered

phone arena is stupid s**t. Bunch of dumb asses blinded by 8.6mm,seriously under 12 mm is also thick,seriously guys,see ur waistline and tell that. Here's an OS that manages to run at 680 mhz nd still provide all de fancy transitions,show me one android fone run so smoothly at 680 mhz nd 256 mb ram. Do a proper review not like some jackass paid you to say nokia sucks.
  • Display 4.0" 360 x 640 pixels
  • Camera 8 MP
  • Storage 0.35 GB + microSDHC
  • Battery 1300 mAh(4.50h 3G talk time)

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