Nokia E72 Review

Introduction and Design
This is a global GSM phone. It can be used with AT&T and T-Mobile USA.
The American version supports AT&T's 3G network.

Introduction and design:

We have to admit to a major sin – despite the fact that our team consists of revered cell phone professionals, none of us happens to be a sworn business user that wakes up to the ringing of the Wall street´s opening bell, spends hours following Dow Jones and intently watches Bloomberg before going to bed. Still, we aren’t blind, spot the tools that modern business people are armed with and appreciate the proper ones. One of the devices that really impressed us last year was the Nokia E71 and the handset has earned its place in our gift guide for 2009 in the best business-oriented cell phones category. What we have in our hands now is the successor to this particular business tool, namely the Nokia E72. In reality, it retains everything we loved about the E71 and adds several improvements like 5-megapixel camera, 600MHz processor (the E71 is equipped with a 369Hz one), twice the amount of ROM (512MB), accelerometer and 3.5mm jack.

Its design and proper build quality are not just equally great, but even improved on. The handset comes boxed with a leather case that makes carrying around the device safer, because it does protect it from getting scratched. Aside from it, the box contains a charger, headset, USB cable, hand strap and user guide.

One of the qualities of the Nokia E72 that we like best is its dainty design. This is truly appealing business-oriented cell phone that comes with compact size, but emanates reliability.

You can compare the Nokia E72 with many other phones using our Size Visualization Tool.

Its display measures 2.4-inches, has QVGA resolution and remains totally useable in direct sunlight, even though the image quality gets rather bad in this case.

One of the minor design differences to the Nokia E71 is the integrated optical pad. It features great sensitivity (can be set) and is a fully functional replacement of the standard D-Pad. Still, if you don’t like this particular way of controlling the handset, you can easily turn it off.

The Nokia E72 retains the excellent keyboard of the E71 and we even think the buttons are actually easier to press. They have pronounced, pleasing travel, but unfortunately, their rather small size means you will have to use your fingertips, which in turn disallows faster text entry. The manufacturer has added shortcuts to activate the Bluetooth, silent mode and use the camera flash as flashlight. We do like the altered design of the functional keys and the send and end keys, it makes them easier to use and they look as if made of polished metal.

Just like the E71, the Nokia E72 is extremely stylish handset that may win over even people who don´t actually need its business functionality, but can´t resist the appeal of an attractive, well-made gadget.

Nokia E72 360 Degrees View:

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