Nokia BH-801 Review

Nokia BH-801 Review
This is the small and stylish Nokia BH-801 which reminds us of the BH-800, announced a while ago. 801 is newer model but should not be considered as replacement of the 800, as it has the same capabilities and specifications but slightly bigger size and weight. Still, it fits in the class of ultra-small and stylish Bluetooth headsets.

The box includes:

  • Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-801
  • User Guide, Nokia Compact Charger AC-3
  • Neck strap
  • Belt clip

The Neck Strap is almost exactly the same as the one of the BH-800 with metal necklace with a clip to attach the headset to. For better convenience, this clip can now be detached from the necklace and attach to a belt clip which respectively to be on your belt.


From first sight you can see tha the BH-801 is slightly bigger than the 800, but it still remains a small in size headset. It is elegant, but we don’t like that the front side is made of two pieces: glossy at the back and math at the front. We would have preferred the whole to be glossy, although it would turn it into a fingerprint magnet.

Model Dimension (Inches) Dimension (mm) Weight (oz) Weight (Gramms)
Nokia BH-801 1.88" x 0.78" x 0.39" 48 x 20 x 10 0.38 11
Nokia BH-800 1.61" x 0.70" x 0.35" 41 x 18 x 9 0.31 9

[img full [[21277,21278]:"Nokia BH-801 next to Nokia BH-800"] /]

The three keys are in metallic color and contrast to the other parts, but in the other color version of the headset it is not so, as the whole of it is in such light color.

The three keys are respectively multifunctional/call button at the front, volume 3-way scroll on one of the sides and power key at the back. The multifunctional button is concaved and is felt easily also thanks to the different surface. It is pressed softly and with good tactile feedback. The Volume scroll is raised and is pushed easily in either of the directions in order to control the volume and pushes inwards for mute. The power key is rarely used so it is not necessary to be on easy to access place. Next to it is the service LED light.



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