Nokia BH-601 Stereo Bluetooth Headset Review

Developing with time, the telephones transformed from far back in something much more than communication means. The technologies continuously change and without interruption we see more and more “first in the world” inventions, that decrease the inconveniences and increase the potentialities of our mobile phones that already transform in not only a lap top with telephone module but in a pocket assistant with many various functionalities. When multimedia is referred, strongest significance has the sound and picture that are symbols of the young people since generations, thanks to innovations like the pocket photo camera and the portable personal music player. But the reproduction of music by telephones became already a mass phenomenon and in order to gain clients the producers add more and more facilities, like this discussed here, and namely wireless stereo earphones, for listening music based on the Bluetooth technology, which makes them conformed to mobile phones stipulated for this. This is a combination between the many-years experience of making earphones intended for music and the convenience of the comparatively new wireless Bluetooth technology.

The device presented by us was produced by the leader on the mobile phones market, Nokia, and is intended mainly for work with mobile phones but as Bluetooth is a universal technology used also in many other devices (lap tops, portable computers, etc.), it may be used with them too. You can use them also in order to listen to music from your computer; there is a Bluetooth adapter in the set too (to be connected to USB port) for your computer.

The set includes:

    • Nokia BH-601
    • Charger
    • USB Bluetooth dongle
    • Extra Earpads
    • Manual
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