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LG G2 vs Motorola Moto X


LG G2 vs Motorola Moto X
LG G2 vs Motorola Moto X
LG G2 vs Motorola Moto X

Neither company is heralded as the elite force in the Android space right now, as the two trail Samsung no doubt, but LG and Motorola have been making some noise with their recent flagship Android smartphones. Just a month ago, the Motorola Moto X showed us how it’s possible to make Android easy to use – while also giving consumers the power to personalize the design of the handset. And even more recently, the LG G2 has proven to be a remarkable figure as well, seeing that it’s rich in the specs and features department. With these two poised to challenge one another, it’s only natural to stack them up side-by-side to figure out which one has the staying power to outlast the other.


Each handset has a unique appearance to them, giving them distinctive looks to call their own, but in the end, we’ll give it to the Moto X for having the more interesting design. Sure, LG has done a wonderful job in minimizing the size of a handset with a monster sized 5.2-inch display, while also having the slimmer profile as well, but the Moto X’s customizable design is something that we don’t see too often amongst smartphones in general. On top of that, some will surely appreciate the more compact and natural feel of the Moto X, which is significantly easier to handle in our hands. From being able to choose the type of back casing on the Moto X, to the accent colors around its camera lens and physical keys, we totally dig its vast customizable element.

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LG G2 vs Motorola Moto X

This one is a no-brainer folks, as the LG G2 undeniably has the more attractive display. Before talking about the specs, we need to mention about the almost non-existent bezels on the left/right sides of the LG G2’s display, which one-ups what Motorola has done with its own device. And then there’s the specs portion! For the LG G2, it’s sporting a ginormous 5.2-inch 1080p advanced IPS LCD screen that shines brightly with its impeccable details and superior outdoor visibility. Meanwhile, the Moto X’s 4.7-inch 720p AMOLED display is still a pleasant one to look at, as its saturated colors still give it an attractive glow, but as a whole, it can’t compete against the specs heavy and outstanding visibility of the of LG G2’s display.

LG G2 360-Degrees View

Motorola Moto X 360-Degrees View

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