LG G Flex vs Samsung Galaxy Note 3



Just when we were beginning to wonder there for a moment, out comes LG’s “phablet” for 2013 – the strange and unique looking LG G Flex. Naturally, it’s a peculiar thing out in the space right that’s hoping to be a viable competitor against the arguable king in the arena, Sammy’s versatile Galaxy Note 3. Two phablets, two big phones that are armed to the tooth with impressive gear, so let’s find out which of them has the tools and performance to outclass the other.


Let’s be serious here folks. From a design perspective, there isn’t anything necessarily new with their design language, seeing the G Flex looks like the G2 – while the Galaxy Note 3 takes from the Galaxy S4. However, there’s some innovation found with the curved design of the G Flex, which at the same time, gives it the more comfortable and ergonomic feel in the hand. Throw in the fact that its rear casing has a neat self-healing property, it absolutely is more intriguing than the faux-pas leather casing of the Galaxy Note 3. When it comes down to it, the G Flex’s uncanny curve is what’s most interesting between the two designs.


We have to stress the cool flex in the G Flex’s design, which is primarily attributed to the one-of-a-kind 6-inch 720p P-OLED panel it’s packing along. Unlike the Galaxy Note 3’s 5.7-inch 1080p Super AMOLED display, the G Flex’s panel is more durable and can withstand pressure that would otherwise prove too much for the Note 3’s display. Therefore, instead of cracking or shattering, the G Flex’s display maintains its strength and integrity.

Indeed, there’s something cool with the G Flex’s display, but when it comes to other aspects that make a screen attractive, the Note 3 proves to have the goods. Specifically, it’s highly more detailed, produces the more vibrant colors, has wider viewing angles, and it’s brighter too – all the essentials to make it the more attractive thing to look at. And finally, we can’t forget about the other tech in play with the Note 3, like how it’s able to track our finger/S Pen as we hover either of them over the panel.

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